Guildford shopping trip! Bits and bobs

Yes! I went shopping in the good old town of Guildford! These are the bits and bobs I picked up on my voyage up and down the high street.


Lush bath-bomb Haul !

Wondering where to get some tropical scented products to infuse your bath? or whether LUSH COSMETICS are worth it? Look no further as all the answers to your questions lie within.

A winters guide to washing (products)

Need a guide to what’s good enough for your gorgeous skin to wash with? well in this post is some of my regular products that I’ve reviewed for you in the run up to Christmas. So come read this blog post on what’s best for your skin and hair when it comes to care.

Christmas Spa retreat

On the run up to Christmas deadlines and stress can reach breaking point. This was my festive retreat to good old pampering Xx

My Face brush Frustration !

Hey guys, come read my serious rant about shit face brushes and how we can’t let them run free in our beauty world xXx

Body butter reviewing time!

Come read my blog post on all things butter! where I get down and dirty with skincare products and what is and isn’t worth it xXx