Guildford shopping trip! Bits and bobs

Yes! I went shopping in the good old town of Guildford! These are the bits and bobs I picked up on my voyage up and down the high street.


New LED shadow projector!

They were very kind enough to sponsor this post and to send me the gift of this beautiful ‘shadow projector’. I know simple concept, but trust me: outstanding results!

January: Candle favourites

Need a beauty candle from easy access high-street shops such as Anthropologie, Laura Ashley and others? What about the ones I’ve found I markets? Well this is the post for you to find those homely touches to make your humble abode glow a little brighter xx

Christmas Spa retreat

On the run up to Christmas deadlines and stress can reach breaking point. This was my festive retreat to good old pampering Xx

Insomnia? Time to sleep-tight!

Insomnia? Time to fight back in order to let our minds recharge in those vital hours of the night in order to really fulfil our lives. Day-in-day-out. This is my little guides to all my little tips and tricks into how to get the best nights sleep Xx