New, Female Doctor! Thoughts?

my views and opinion on the new Doctor actor! Jodie Whittaker! Let me know what your thoughts are too down in the comments!


Spider-Man Homecoming: Film review (2017)

New spider man! We have gone through a lot now haven’t we? A story about a boy with extraordinary powers, a suit that conceals his identity and a little wish to gain the heart of a girl while saving his city one little crime at a time.

Dunkirk (2017) : Film review

A woeful, tragic yet heroically inspiring tale of 400,000 brave soldiers stuck on Dunkirk beach in WW2 and when they couldn’t get home and all signs of hope were running out, Home came for them

Fantastic beasts and where to find them ; Film review (2017)

Any wizarding fanatic would have made their way to this post. For where else does someone go who has absorbed everyone of J.K Rowling’s spectacular and deeply thought out books when every spell casting line has been read? That’s right! its to the infamous Harry Potter films and then onto this must anticipated prequel.

13 reasons why- Netflix series review (2017)

This is my 13 reasons why series review! The first haunting question that comes to every mind is … “thirteen reasons why ..what?? ” this series is a one in a million in the way of morals. but is not for the faint hearted. x