Lush bath-bomb Haul !

Wondering where to get some tropical scented products to infuse your bath? or whether LUSH COSMETICS are worth it? Look no further as all the answers to your questions lie within.


Summer Superdrug makeup haul

These are the bits and bobs I picked up in preparation for the best summer yet! it’s 2017 and I’m ready to turn up the heat and get my tan!


Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!! A wonderful milestone to cross when coming up to my ten months of blogging.

A check up on my resolutions!

Have you stuck to all those promises you made 6 months ago? Well this is where I found out what I have and haven’t stuck to

13 reasons why- Netflix series review (2017)

This is my 13 reasons why series review! The first haunting question that comes to every mind is … “thirteen reasons why ..what?? ” this series is a one in a million in the way of morals. but is not for the faint hearted. x

Stress-Anxiety-Panic attacks.

A post for anybody, but please be respectful. Let’s bring this into the light, this is my personal experience but is here to give hope to others who might be going through the same.

Spring time Trifle Recipe

Spring is coming up, and what better way is there to get in the spirit than with some sweet treats? Today I made this four-layer trifle to bring that fruity, zesty feel back into the year while it’s still young. So this is how I made my super easy and shamefully sinful trifle fit for any springtime treat.  

My Brussels city-break (Belgium 2014)

Chocolate, chips and museums. Three words that spring to mind when people think of the small country that really packs a punch when it comes to satisfying a culture hungry traveller like moi. This is the time I spent cramming as much of this country into the space of 72 hours as I could.

My trip to St. Antonin Noble Val (France 2016)

France! A place I have been about 7-8 times now (mostly to the eye catching capital Paris!) but this specific story is about where I went way further south to this petite little village that captured my heart in just 10 sun-tinged days. So if you like dangerous fireworks, beautiful pictures and stories about canoes, Read on!

My Iceland trip (Summer 2015)

Iceland. A geographer’s dream. This is my favourite trip to date simply because it has so many beautiful nature landforms you simply don’t stumble across in uptown New York. So, here I’ll run through what I got up to and how I made the most of my 5 days in this breath taking (and quite unappreciated) country.

January: Candle favourites

Need a beauty candle from easy access high-street shops such as Anthropologie, Laura Ashley and others? What about the ones I’ve found I markets? Well this is the post for you to find those homely touches to make your humble abode glow a little brighter xx