Hi! Welcome to my blog. I hope here we can go through worth-the-while products and recipes in order to de-clutter a completely confusing world when it comes to quality. As well as cry together in those more personal and heart aching posts while also helping each other lift those classic Sunday afternoon blues by reading my posts on travel and how to escape.

This is my secretive yet cheeky blog, which offers a shelter in the bloody storm of life, in a hope that we can unite together and share all stresses and ticks that royally piss us off.  S o this is a place to laugh, unwind and enjoy living in the realisation that we are here together. Please follow my blog and find me on Twitter, Facebook, Bloglovin’ and Instagram to know when I do new posts/rants. But to never miss out subscribe by email as well! Enjoy.

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( AKA sorting through the shit)