My identification / title thingy : Sorting through the shit – (AKA STTS )

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A little inside information about me and my little piece of internet here:

Hello everyone! I’m finally here! *takes low bow* This blog is something I’ve wanted to start for a while but as I ride the stressful ups and downs of life, I have seemed to put it off till now. I have been inspired to start this blog in order to sift through the miss-leading red herrings in todays products (found in my beauty section which deals with hair/ nails , make-up and skincare ) in order to shed some light onto the good bits of life and to leave behind the shit that we get slowed down by from day to day.

Or find out more about me, my experiences -definitely funny stories about me! and most importantly my emotions on my Thoughts and experiences page, which is totally open to comments like the rest of my blog, but where they are most centred as I hope its relatable!

Or have a glance at my cooking and baking posts to see what I get up to in my free time to blow off steam in the way of the kitchen. While also laughing at my many failures when it comes to the amount of microwaves I’ve broken.

Homely touches is where I show you my tools, equipment and candles that I use day to day to enhance my life and hopefully will help you lot out too!

Now the newest addition to my blog is my Travel where I tell you about my escapades around the globe and my Film Night page where I review films I’ve been watching and what’s worth seeing.

And finally my Home page! This is the centre of my blog where you see my latest posts and my little intro into what my blog is and how to use it.

So please, join me on this emotional and (probably) highly bitchy , emotional roller-coaster to share life tips and general knowledge to help each other out but also to get rid of those mundane frustrations : ultimately just try to make life a little sweeter.

So my name is SortingThrough and I would like you to join my revolution in making our days FULLER  to make our lives BIGGER.




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Collaborating with me!

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