3 essential haircare products

Hey guys, lets talk it back classic to the basic products we go back to day-in and day-out in order to keep our hair the way we love it! For me that’s when my hair is curly/ beach looking corkscrews with a crazy large fringe on one-side, and with my strawberry blonde hair it sits (on a good day) just below my shoulders. This is how I keep my hair looking soft, nurtured and styled when I’m having one of those days where all hope is lost.

So’s here’s my three top products for caring and nourishing your hair that I use every time I get out the shower:

First up, is the ‘Active haircare leave in conditioner’ by Superdrug. This one I like to apply generously straight on to my towel dried/damp locks by spraying directly onto the hair from about 10cm away and then combing through. Best bit is! You can’t really go wrong as it won’t make your hair go greasy if you slightly over apply. It adds shine , while protecting your hair from UV rays so this one is totally holiday-proof. And at only £1.45 it’s a total bargain! ..also smells slightly of apples…

Next one is a bit more pricey  at £9.99 from Boots and I only bring out when I REALLY am in need of some moisturising but then again at the end of the day it REALLY packs a punch. This one is the :  ‘Aussie 3 miracle oil reconstructor’

This one is a bit thicker than the first and is an oil compared to a spray and has lasted my since January so far and I still have more than half the bottle left! This reconstructor oil is for ‘intensive care’ and is a lightweight treatment for damaged hair and basically works by the 3 oils involved (Australian Macadamia nut/ jojoba seed/avocado oil) nourishing your hair when applied in one of three ways; before shampooing, on damp hair to repair smoothness and on dry hair for amazing shine.

That’s a wrap on haircare my friends! Next and sadly ,the last ,product is for after your hair is dry and ready to brave the streets! You look in the mirror and…oh shit…it looks lank, thin and lifeless. What do we do?!?!?!?!?! we use this :

VO5 give me texture ‘rough and sexy salt spray’ for effortless beachy looks.

Yet another spray! This one is super easy to use as you basically apply it when you want it. Either on towelled dry hair or on dry hair for super messy curls. This 150ml bottle again, is a steal at only £4.19 from Boots and Superdrug.

Still not enough?? Simply spray from root to tip on hair till it’s slightly damp. Then twist your hair into strands and rub them against each other whilst blow drying. And Voila! The look is complete. Perfect from festival to supercool worker chic.

That’s it from me this time guys, hope you have enjoyed and let me know what you think/ other products you love to use to make sure your hair stays happy every shower time! Till the next time guys x

Love, SortingThroughX




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