Writing (and keeping!) a journal

Hi, guys! As someone who has been journaling since the age of 6 (A whole ten years now) I think this one will be a bit of a marmite situation.. with regards to regularly writing a personal thing, you may either love or hate this concept.

you may be either someone who loves the idea of keeping a diary with all your in-the-moment thoughts and plans and write at every free moment for the rest of you life or…

be the person who buys/starts one on a whim and writes for a little while but eventually loses interest and gives it up. Part two of this person is then finding the now deceased journal from god knows how long ago and then thinking “I’ll try again” thus buying a new one and then the painful cycle continues and then within months you have ten half-filled notebooks.

This is how to avoid being the second person in five easy steps…

  1. Make it yours!

If you’re the kind of gal/lad to love pink sparkles and fluffy pens, go to town on that shit and feel no shame! make every page covered in hearts and glitter and pink crap to your heart’s content. because I can tell you now if you try to tame yourself and try to write in a plain old note pad from pound land, then I can guarantee you will lose interest FAST

2.      Write the small and BIG stuff

if you start falling into the feeling of something never being BIG enough or worth writing then you will keep waiting for those things that may never come… thus loosing your regularity and passion so will likely to put the pen down permanently. Key here is to right all the stuff down so it never feels like a chore , then over time every time a little thing happens you ill feel the need to update your silent friend.

3.     Don’t edit the past!!

This is a very strict rule of mine. When a day has passed and you have written those in-the-moment intense emotions when you’re pissed or scared or stressed let them out! scratch through the pages with the pen! But once it’s in LEAVE IT IN. I know it’s tempting when looking back on all those soppy emotional outbursts about the person who turned out to be an utter prick, but honestly all those REAL feelings will help you when looking back in the future. Moving on smoothly to…

4.    Look back in times of need

This is essential. ESSENTIAL. If you can look back at a similar situation and see how you reacted and what you did and can gain something from it the next time round then journaling can really benefit you! This will really make it a regular habit (when you start reaping the benefits) and a guarantee for making it your thing! Its also nice to remember what stuff you’ve done when when looking back from a really long time in the fute.

5.    Keep it to yourself

An unjudgemental and safe place for all your outrageous thoughts and bitchy comments you can’t say in real life. Never write with the subconscious thought of “but so-and-sos might read this” or you will hold back and that relationship between human and paper won’t be formed and you may as well vent to another human. My only tip for this one is that with your journal comes a great hiding place!

This oh-so-wonderful hiding spot may be…

  • inside the pocket of an old jacket at the back of your wardrobe
  • on a bookshelf (sounds dumb but hiding in plain sight is always underestimated)
  • in a safe (no shit t’s locked so no one gets in, but find the safe and someone maybe  extra interested to then do a hunt for the keys)
  • in an old, dusty storage box
  • inside the cover of another boring book
  • tape it to the underside of a chair or desk
  • Behind a picture frame
  • inside an old tissue box or video case


  • Put it under your pillow
  • Get one with a flimsy lock on which draws attention or where you an loose the keys
  • Don’t scream it from the roof tops if you are serious about keeping it secret


Hope this helps you all guys and perhaps inspires you to start or continue your journal as I hope I do for the rest of my days. Hope you guys are all ok and let me know your thought’s down in the comments.

As always, love SortingThroughX





3 thoughts on “Writing (and keeping!) a journal

  1. So, I have this sick thing, where I eventually “turn” on all of my writing projects. I journaled religiously for years, but I will literally go back to my 14 year olds self journal and be like “this.writing.is.crap. You 14 year old dummy, that is not how you spell incongruent!” Haha. It’s all I can do to keep myself from deleting my old blog posts!

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    1. ahah I fully support that! Many a time have a looked back at what I’ve written at the age of ten and frankly marvelled at what a slut I was in terms of how many boys I seemed to have had a crush on,… but what can i say?.. the heart is heavy at the age of ten? x

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