New, Female Doctor! Thoughts?

“we’re billions of years beyond your petty human obsession with gender and its stereotypes.”

That’s basically it. with in regards to her sex if any of you actually did care or have any objections due to the unchangeable factor of who she is.

Now onto the real reason you may dislike her. HER ACTING ABILITY AND SKILL. of course we know Jodie Whittaker from broad church, where Doctor who’s recruiting agency seem to target for every casting they seem to have.But yet again every person I’ve seen says her performance in that role was amazing, so in terms of adapting the Doctor to her new styles… we will have to wait and see if she can blow this one away as well.

i’m super excited for the new series as I think she will rejuvenate the role and shed a new light onto the doctor, as every new actor does, but most importantly will take the baton from Peter Capaldi in a gracious and joyous manner , thus continuing to make Doctor Who a unique family show that unites all.

I mean lets think back to when Peter Capaldi was cast shall we?

Lots of people , especially Fan-girls who like Matt Smith’s young face and flirty charm, were devastated that an older man was cast. Where as, the more classic fans were perhaps delighted that the show was going back to its roots with the older aged gentleman. Where some (me included) don’t really care who’s next but want the character to be as interesting and intriguing as the last.

So, as always, new doctor new season and number 13 doctor-wise will hopefully be as great as ever! Time will tell ..if only a I had a TARDIS to avoid all this waiting around till Christmas.

Hope you enjoyed and let me know down in the comments what you thought of the doctor is you are a fellow Whovian.



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