Fantastic beasts and where to find them ; Film review (2017)

Rated : PG – 13

Starring : Eddie Redmayne

My rating : 9.3/10

Well Well Well. Any wizarding fanatic would have made their way to this post. For where else does someone go who has absorbed everyone of J.K Rowling’s spectacular and deeply thought out books when every spell casting line has been read? That’s right! its to the infamous Harry Potter films and then onto this must anticipated prequel.

This film is the magical tale that focuses on the mythical creatures of that universe, as told by Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne) during his time in New York city. This tale incorporates skill and effects (directed by David Yates) beyond belief which is perhaps why it won the BAFTA award for ‘Best production design’ because honestly, every shot, creature and character was crafted to the tip of perfection to become the true representation of the imagination of  small child through to an old man.

The part of this film that really enchanted me is that we , as an audience, instantly fall for the innocence of Newt and the unbiased compassion he devotes to each one of his beloved creatures. This, entwined with our rooting for him, causes an engagement that’s undoubtedly powerful and wills us into the tension building in the plot. This , linked with some adult themes (child abuse) really hammers home a very serious emotional empathy we can’t help but implore , causing people of every age group to be targeted as the themes included are for a variety of age groups, making this suitable for everyone.

The actors , in fact the entire cast, were perfect for their roles. Each one I found my self invested in , no matter how much they varied from the one standing next to them, reflecting the differences between people in the society  and yet they are able to find harmony. Good lesson !!

I would highly recommend this movie to anyone who loves magic and the possibilities of being more than human and all the wonders that come with the jaw-dropping world of J.K Rowling, but also for those who are a general movie lovers who like a good old moral.

Hope you enjoyed this review guys, tell me what you think if you’ve seen it !?



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