Lush bath-bomb Haul !

This one has ben a long time coming! My lush bath bomb haul comes in perfect time for the summer sun where a cool soak may be just what you need. Lush being one of my favourite shops and a must go to every time I go for a shopping trip? These are my favourite bath bombs from the last couple of months.First up is the…

1) Stardust bath bomb and the  2) Butter bear bath bomb

The reason these were the ones to kick us of is because these are perfect if you want a subtle, low perfumed , non evasive bath bomb. Good for sensitive skin and really just make your bath that little bit more intriguing. The bear (on the left) left a sweet and rich bath foam which would be sure to tender any skin type , while on the right , the star was a more crisp , clean , fresh linen affect. Both made my bath though!

2) Christmas  pudding – bath bomb

Now this bath bomb really is something special, obviously is seasonal to lush but it better come back as this twirling ball of bubbles and foam will make anyone’s festive season joyous. it looks great and with all the colours it will definitely brighten up your day, especially due to the glitter it holds along with its nutmeg-gy aroma to get you feeling ready for the big day!

3)  The over and over bath melt

This is one of my favourite bath oils to this day, this is marshmallow scented and the thought of having a bath with the childhood memories of melting marshmallows around a fire in a forest and on a beach somewhere is the ultimate relaxation. This is a easy little bath melt that does need a little help at spreading but is worth it when your skin is left moisturized and taken care of. No bubbles or foam here but baby soft skin? Absolutely!

4) Two hearts beating as one (bath melt)

These bath melts don’t bring any bubbles or foam your way but do gently melt away into your water leaving you with moisturized skin after a good old soak. It’s colourful , attractive and lush’s ethical policies are superb anyway so it keeps getting better and better!

5) You’ve been mangoed (bath melt)

You must of guessed by now that I love bath melts. This one, even though it may look small and not that attractive, but blimey it packs that tropical punch! This is far more a summer/ spring time product but this handmade beauty gives me that sensational fruitiness long after you’ve ventured out of the bathroom.

6) Bubble bar wand DSC00376.JPG

Bubble bars! A truly money happy creation that is guaranteed to make you smile in terms of how far your money goes! This is no bath bob that disappears after one use but can last from 2-5 baths and gives you beautiful, glittery , heavenly scented bubbles time after time. Couple this with a bath melt or small bath bomb and you re in for a real treat that is sure to make you feel magical.

7) Yuzu and cocoa Bubbleroon – bubble bar

This last one truly is a seasonal delight that’s being fully utilised now the sun has  finally come out of hibernation. Its totally zingy and tropical and makes any day feel like a day in Hawaii. if you can’t tell tropical flavours and scents are my absolute favourites! And to top it all off its shaped as a macaroon, so it’s sweet and foreign adventure themes are coming in at all angles!

Hope you enjoyed this post guys, I know its pretty simple but these wonderful treats shouldn’t go a miss no matter what time of the year when they are guaranteed to bring a shimmer and beautiful scent to you no matter what struggle the day has brought. Thanks for reading and as always let me know what you think,



7 thoughts on “Lush bath-bomb Haul !

  1. I love this post! I’m always so tempted by lush products as they look so appealing and smell amazing but my skins sort of sensitive so i’m always a bit cautious but i’m definitely going to give one of the first ones a go now 🙂 Thanks for sharing x

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