Summer Superdrug makeup haul

Well as the summer months start to roll into view, I took a far too long stroll into Superdrug with a credit card and my beauty points at the ready. This is where I picked up some sweet bits and tricks to make my holiday start in the right shade of peachy light.

First into my basket was the…

‘Illuminating highlighter palette’ By BarryM

This palette I have constantly been reaching for since its purchase and I believe that it now holds an essential part of my daily makeup routine. This little set consists of ‘3 radiant , blendable powders’ which I like to use on my cupids bow, cheekbones and brow bones to add some depth to my face. BarryM is a super affordable brand that delivers on quality as well as beauty, and this number cost me a total of £6.49, and at these kind of prices…I might as well go full out. Three different colour? I’m set for all the seasons.

‘Flawless chisel cheeks contour creams’ by ‘BarryM


This fun duo I thought would be perfect to finish off my contour and highlight look as these are super easy to use (just draw your lines and blend) to really give me those festival ready cheekbones in the summer months. And at £7.99 its a small price to pay for a seriously intense bronzing.

But what oh what am I going to use to blend this? If only I could find a brush to help me…

‘Blending brush’ by ‘B.’


This gorgeous brush is similar to the ‘real techniques’ face brush, and is perfect to blend those lines made by my contour lines from the previous product. At £9.99 this super soft, yet assertive brush, will never fail to buff out those harsh lines to soft curves.

But what am I gonna use to create the perfect base for all this??

‘flawless colour correcting primer’ by ‘BarryM’

This little bottle has nearly gone! I am reaching for this everyday as a essential part of my makeup routine and makes my skin so smooth and soft, perfect condition for a day of makeup ahead. This green lotion is the first I’ve ever bought (no it doesn’t make me green) and for £5.99 it states its for: anti-redness, pore minimising, smoothing and mattifying).

Now to finish off my perfect face look, the ultimate trend of the ‘strong brow’ is next on my tick-off list. To try and succeed I got this cute ,petite kit to help me in my struggles.

‘Shape and define brow kit’ By ‘BarryM’ (again)’

This kit has everything you need! A wax to help shape the brow, the colour to help the definition and intensity of the hair and a highlighter that I apply to my brow bone to lift the brow (making my eyes seem bigger) and catch the light. And it comes with tweezers, so there’s no risk of grow back and unwanted hair ruining the look. This took a total of £5.99 off my debit card and so far it’s been worth it!

Now with all these wonderful products working wonders on your face and enhancing everyone’s natural beauty, we want to ensure they stick to their spot and don’t shift during the day. The key to this is..

‘Flawless mist and fix makeup setting spray (dewy finish)’ by ‘BarryM’

Now your face only requires a spray or two of this for a guaranteed full face of makeup for the entire day all times of the years, thus making it more value for money for your makeup and this product. This was £4.99 and claims to hydrate and condition your face in all weathers, while being city proof and protects your face from dirt and pollution. This bit was the most noticeable for me as my skin has definitely been clearer and healthier because of it.

However, if makeup and daily application isn’t your thing, this easy-peasy DIY kit may be more up your street.

The ‘Dylash eyelash dying kit’ by ‘London cosmetics Eyelure’


This was £8.60 from Superdrug and admittedly, it’s supposed to be for eyelashes , where I used it for my eyebrows, but the result was actually really effective and meant that for days where you can’t be asked to do the full shebang , it already looks as if you have made all the effort. Perfect morning hack right?

Finally in the spirit of summer…

The ‘build me a tan, gradual tan lotion’


This hopefully will complete my summer look in time for my beach retreats and at only £4.99 I thought I would give it a stab. I’ll let you know if this one is effective but who knows? will it be sun-kissed beach-bliss or on-the-turn sun-burn?? QuestionsDSC00402.JPG ..questions.

This came with a free Superdrug canvas bag as I’m a Superdrug member and my beauty card collect a lovely lot of points! Let me know if you enjoyed this post or there’s any summer essentials you think I should try! Thanks so much for sticking around to read this and let me know any summer plans you have! See you next time!




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