A check up on my resolutions!

Hey! Remember all those months ago where there was frost on every bush and ice at every turn? Nope me neither. Now i’m going to be classically British and as soon as the sun has come out, say how bloody hot it is…really original content here…

But back then I gave you all the post of 77 Things to do in 2017 which is what I’m going to be checking up on today to see if I actually can keep to my word or not. So even if this isn’t interesting to you, I’ll be internally  kicking myself. Without further ado, Here’s my original list and how i’m getting on with them:

Red-haven’t started/done and haven’t planned

Green – Done/completed!

Blue – Planned

  1. Let someone know I love them- BOOM! First one in the bag!
  2. Plan a surprise – This one is a surprise!! And they may be reading so..can’t risk it..
  3. Make someone smile with no words –I farted really loudly in public.It was charming
  4. Do something spontaneous – I auditioned for a theatre group! Totally on  whim!
  5. Host an event- Time for a start of summer party I think
  6. Take up something new (Have to try it at least five times) –Theatre groups gotta rehearse
  7. Do something different everyday – Harder than it sounds, and I’ve got close! but while revising for GCSE’s this proved near impossible. Cry, revise repeat as they say
  8. Try a different food once a week – Waitrose’s food range is impressive #notspons
  9. Do a workout routine everyday – yeah no. I’m curvy and proud to be
  10. Do meditation at least once a month – Actually has done wonders for me and my mental health! .b and beditation!
  11. Go for a run once a week – I did it once and it’s not for me, rowing machine is though!
  12. Go outside every week-end – the weathers picked up and I’m still going strong
  13. Do a money-raising event for charity – Planning to do a race for life!
  14. Cook a dinner for someone – part of number 2..Sssshhhh
  15. Have a New Years kiss – Done! God I’m so sexy
  16. Go to at least three new places – New forest is planned!
  17. Go to a music festival – August is made for partying as I made up
  18. Go to a market – Farmers and Hampshire classic!
  19. Go to a concert – I fought off my anxiety and stuck with it for three hours
  20. Do at least one blog post per month – Done! Just.
  21. Read a new book every month – GCSE revision kinda ‘f’ed that one up
  22. Try a film at someone else’s recommendation – I did. But it was shit
  23. Go up to London – Got up at the freaking crack of dawn to go with my Boyfreind to get breakfast
  24. See a show/performance – it inspired me to look into theatre groups locally it was ‘Annie get your gun’ (technically a musical but eh)
  25. Go to a gig – Thank god bf’s in a band
  26. Go to another country – it’s on the cards, debatable ATM as mum’s waiting on a operation
  27. Go somewhere on my own – call Me co-dependant but I haven’t felt the need yet.
  28. Do  phone detox for a weekend – ermmm..call Me co-dependant but I haven’t felt the need yet.
  29. Cut down on eating meat/ cook a new vegetarian meal every week – I’ve repeated home made pizza/pasta wayyy too many times
  30. Let my nails grow out – Got my talons ready for Prom!
  31. Tell the truth – Again.. part of number 2 before the judging starts
  32. Make someone cry with joy – I’m pretty average truth be told. People cry when seeing my face but not with joy.
  33. Bond with friends- Waiting for college! Need new bitches
  34. Have a girls sleepover – ermm…Waiting for college! Need new bitches
  35. Have a coffee and a deep chat with friends – Some of my gals I owe my life to , and even those these times seem infantile, they really make the difference
  36. Lose 1/2 a stone – “ooohhh we’re half way there!! wooahh livin’ on a prayer!”
  37. Do more exercise for fun – Rowing machine! Great thing!
  38. Spend bonding time with my family – Father’s day has just passed in the UK and it’s a great opportunity to show compassion to those close to us
  39. Give my pet attention regularly – My gorgeous cat deserves it. Yes I’m a crazy cat lady.
  40. Comfort someone in need – I’m happy I did this
  41. Try my hardest with everything – This is my one thing I make sure I always do. Do everything wholeheartedly or not at all.
  42. Be kind –  not really sure if I can judge these myself
  43. Be selfless
  44. Be brave
  45. Try yoga – Haven’t got round to this yet
  46. Become more intelligent – GCSE’s really took it out of me. I was a mess by the end
  47. Take a long two-hour walk – Planning to do many actually , summer nights have a purpose after all
  48. Eat healthier – it’s not that I’ve been eating crap, more that I haven’t altered my routine drastically
  49. Be a vegetarian for a week – I really want to do this! Just haven’t had the time yet
  50. Be vegan for a day
  51. Go out with no make up – it started to melt off in the heat anyway
  52. Be a shoulder to cry on
  53. Laugh everyday – You can always find something amusing around you
  54. volunteer somewhere
  55. smile every hour –  positivity Is the key
  56. Go swimming more
  57. Go to the beach
  58. Write a letter to some one
  59. appreciate the little things in life
  60. Stop thinking start doing!
  61. Shrink my insecurities – I’ve massively expanded my comfort zone over the last few weeks
  62. Look after myself
  63. Say “your beautiful” everyday – it’s not that I’ve thought I’ve been like “nah ugly” more like it hasn’t occurred to me
  64. Get at least 7 hours of sleep every night
  65. Say “YES” more – This (in context) has really helped my anxiety
  66. Be positive
  67. Be proud of the little things
  68. Get up at 8 AM on week-ends – I love sleep too much
  69. Try super foods
  70. Do a singing performance –This is so planned!Theatre group performs in November
  71. Do a drama performance – ‘        ‘
  72. Go up a belt in Taekwondo – Learnt all the shit! Time for a grading
  73. Take a leap of faith – Ha
  74. Take a risk
  75. Let someone else determine your fate – They chose a new hobby for me to take up
  76. Put effort into every action – the one thing I can do properly
  77. MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!!! – this is long term to me so can’t say it’s done yet

Well well well.. it seems that half way into the year an I’ve completed 32, planned 16 and failed to start 26

Hmmmm,…. well the kicking myself has begun. What do you think guys? How am I doing for half way through? How are you doing on your resolutions and all those things we promise ourselves we will eventually get round to? Let me know and hoep you are having a great week!



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