13 reasons why- Netflix series review (2017)

MRated an 18 on Netflix.  


Starring; Dylan Minnette, Katherine Langford 

My rating ; 8.5/10

13 reasons why. Naturally we all think “thirteen reasons why …what?”. This is the essential question that I think is far larger than just a show and plagues most of our lives at one point of another, if you’re unlucky enough.

why would someone kill themselves? This question my be flocked with things like “we can never know” , “it was their choice” or fair more commonly “it wasn’t your fault for not knowing”. This haunting series explores the heart breaking reality of the dozen or so people who know exactly what they did and how they let down a girl (‘Hannah’) who ended up tragically taking her own life.

My favourite part was simply how this series is so emotionally gripping in the sense of mystery and justice that is storied up by , us , the audience, wanting to see how the plot grows tenser and tenser in the blame and who being all their facades is guilty of contributing to her death. This astonishing mystery and puzzle piece sensation is what really captures the audience to watch this back to back as I did. The idea of also using those haunting audio tapes does throw us back to times where

The actors were simply astonishing and I think this representation of the tragic fall into this girls suicidal depression is a realistic vision of how when bad events pile up one after another, the idea of ‘remaining strong’ isn’t possible in some cases. The characters they crafted really make us want to defend them , as we see the plot unfold from the point of view of  ‘Clay’ and somehow this makes us very suspicious of the other characters and what they have to hide.

I would recommend this to everyone!! as not only does it highlight the importance of mental health but also how we all have the responsibility for everybody around us, and we would want other people to want to save us if it was us. It makes you weep and is not for the faint hearted, but this is an issue so relevant in the times of today I’m not sure you can afford to miss it.

Make sure you check it out!

xXx STTS xXx




2 thoughts on “13 reasons why- Netflix series review (2017)

  1. It’s definitely a TV show that’s created a lot of controversy! I agree with what you said though- even if you don’t like it, or approve of it, it’s still an important contribution to the ongoing conversation about mental health awareness. Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

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