My Brussels city-break (Belgium 2014)

Chocolate, chips and museums. Three words that spring to mind when people think of the small country that really packs a punch when it comes to satisfying a culture hungry traveller like moi. This is the time I spent cramming as much of this country into the space of 72 hours as I could.

My hotel was as Brussels-central as I could muster, only a mere 3 minute walk to the main square, thus putting me at the beating heart of this alternative city.  A city I was dying to explore and delve into the hidden secrets of. The hotel was pretty up there in terms ones I’ve stayed in though..

First on my long list, was to check out the square located just around the corner and anything else close range that this place had to offer, and pretty quickly I worked out that architecture and beautiful buildings is one thing that is definitely taken seriously here.

As you can see ‘art’ is the only word to describe these skilfully planned and crafted works of architecture. This hugely added to the creative and expressive atmosphere that I found strolling the streets here, as I also stumbled across things like this too, oh how I wish I could draw…*sighs*

Now, onto something I hold very dear to my heart. The FOOD. it did not disappoint! The classics like chocolate is an art of the taste buds that they have mastered over hundreds of years of detail, so I have to say that it was some of the best I have ever tasted! The quality never dipping as every chocolate shop was devoted to this profession equally. Not even to mention the wide variety of restaurants, themed from all round the globe, that we squeezed into the tiny cobbled streets surrounding the square. This is a place for everyone.

As well as when I delved further away from the centre in my second day, it was still just as enticing. And this time my common find seemed to be fountains!

The one in the top right being a pretty famous landmark which I made a beeline for in my hunt for culture, as you guys know me , I like to find out and see as much as I can when I go to these places. So taking a map into one of the local shops and asking for some recommendations of secret treasure spots is a sure way to find the best of the best! I also on this day did go to see the statue-peeing-fountain and the EU building and had a tour, but were unable to take photos,.. Blah, Blah , Blah

The two last things I did one my list were of course three museums! As knowing me its all about learning new things about the places you go to. So I tried something a bit different and went to this car museum, which I spent half of my last day in as it was pretty dam awesome! Along with the war planes/ aircraft museum and finally a music museum. I really enjoyed them all as they all offered something different and it’s stuff like that that balances me out as a person.

So thank you so much Belgium for my flash-pace 72 hour escape into the heart of you! It was inviting, extravagant and should be done by anyone looking for a bit of creativity and culture in every street. A true place for everyone as it had a bit of every country. I hope to return back one day!

Thanks for reading this guys and let me know if you liked it down in the comments, if you did be sure to check out my other travel posts! Let me know what places you would like me to go to or places you’ve been and would like to share !Till the next time,

xXx STTS xXx


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