My trip to St. Antonin Noble Val (France 2016)

France! A place I have been about 7-8 times now (mostly to the eye catching capital Paris!) but this specific story is about where I went way further south to this petite little village that captured my heart in just 10 sun-tinged days. So if you like dangerous fireworks, beautiful pictures and stories about canoes, Read on!


I was staying in a little cottage that was just behind the church tower you can see above, which also marks the heart of the village that pulses with markets twice weekly, as well as restaurants that I frequently ate French cuisine at, shops and  medieval bakeries. This village has been inhabited for at least the last 10,000 years and the history and culture here really shines through while walking the truly authentic cobbled streets.

One of the two really amazing things I did while here was doing the French version of Go-Ape (if you live in England) where basically you can do an adventure course with zip wires, and climbing around in trees up to 30m high. This was so fun to do over the iconic river that encircles the village in the trees of a beautiful summers day, even if it was really scary as I’m terrified of heights.


Now the second of the two amazing things I did, was also in relation to this river. I branched out and went on a 10km canoeing trip on this river for a total of about 4-5 hours. This was hilariously as I doubtlessly fell out as I had to go down weirs, through rapids and around rocks. Can I please highlight how this was difficult for a practised watersports person , and there was me never having done it.. so it’s a wonder I bloody made it.


I did also travel around to surrouding villages such as Najac en Rouergue, which is where I went up to this gorgeous castle that sits atop a hill, where the rest of the village also lies. This was a massively beneficial place to go as this medieval castle presents a great museum for the war and conflict which has scarred this now beautiful place.

Now, as we all know this obviously stunning manor house is the one that holds the prime spot (as of 2017) as my Header picture for my Home page. And it’s easy to see why as this garden was simply gushing with vibrant plants, colours and borders the town beyond perfectly. I think this place was also an art museum , and it lives up to the garden’s standards.

I also visited the largest church in the France (Albi, vue de la Sainte-Cécile) which was overwhelming! But kind of beautiful what faith and passion can create when working in harmony. I also swung by Forteresse de Penne D’albigeois where yet anther castle loomed above the town that I spent another day exploring it.

There was also this look out point on the cliff that hangs over St Antonin, so even from above this gorgeous place sinks into the landscape, making pictures like this possible. So go there !


Now, as those ten days came to a close and I’d done a sufficient amount of swimming, sunbathing and ice cream eating it was all topped off by the town doing a simply huge fireworks display o the banks of the river. Which was beautiful but also kind scary as they were dangerously close to the trees and kinda low when they exploded, but eh, it was worth it! Right?

Hope you enjoyed this post guys about my simply wonderful time in Southern France, this particular post is dedicated to my parents as this is the spot where they spent their honeymoon. But I hope you see these posts are to encourage those who are thinking of traverling but are scared of taking the first big leap, as it really does shape you as a person. see ya next time and be sure to check out my other travel posts if you liked this one.

xXx STTS xXx

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