My Iceland trip (Summer 2015)

Iceland. A geographer’s dream. This is my favourite trip to date simply because it has so many beautiful nature landforms you simply don’t stumble across in uptown New York. So, here I’ll run through what I got up to and how I made the most of my 5 days in this breath taking (and quite unappreciated) country.

First of all I went to is the capital city Reykjavik! Which surprised me first off as when going In I literally saw nobody. Like nobody at all walking the streets…kind of creepy but it seemed a nice contrast to London where you can’t get away from bloody people.

But first Reykjavik, now when you think capital: people, noise and busy atmospheres spring to mind. But this capital city is the first I’ve been to that is totally as peaceful as the mesmerising mountain landscapes that border it. Hands down this was my favourite thing about the whole trip, it was like going to a spa as everywhere was silent, the sun doesn’t really ever set so its always light, and every scene looks like a illustration from a fairy tale.

But I didn’t stay here long, only one night in fact, as I was on the roam for those iconic and unique things you simply can’t see anywhere else. My only complaint is that due to the natural hot water from the thermal energy here, the sulphur made everything STINK of rotten egg! Joy oh Joy a17

Now this next one is really a one-stop-wonder and one you have to catch while you till can! This is a geyser and it is where the thermal energy feeding up from the earths core makes this pool of water shoot upwards about 30m into the sky every 15 minutes or so. And it is simply wonderful to behold! But its hard to catch before you then get drenched in water from head to toe! Now speaking of thermal energy, I did visit the geothermal plant while I was ere to see how they harvest this natural heat source, and thus don’t have to produce energy in an unnatural form. Never say I’m not curious about the root of things we often take for granted!

Next on my list is being NOWHERE. I am very fond of the term

“you have to get lost before you can find yourself”

and I can’t think of a better place to do it than in a place that literally doesn’t exist. I say this because, in Iceland the two plates of the North American plate and the Eurasian plate meet. But no quite as you can walk between them, touching the two plates at once.


This let to a volcanic valley where the water here was so clean as it has been filtered through the volcanic rock, you could drink it directly from the stream… Which I did!

The next I headed over to the part of the island where the glacier remains, even though it is melting. And I hiked up it! This bit was serious adventure as there was me with all my kit on wondering how the hell a small British bred lass like me was going to get to the top of it without dying. But low and behold I did it (and back down) with only some minor bruising from the slippy ice. But here’s what  managed to capture from this surreal event. Also, the ice is black because it has ash from an eruption on it.


This next bit was very very typically beauty blogger of me and incase you are new to here and don’t know how much I love a spa , I really bloody love a spa. So here I was just about to head into the most gorgeous spa perhaps in the world! The naturally hot Blue lagoon. I simply didn’t have time between going in the carved-out-of-rock-natural steam room, getting a natural body and face mask, swimming around, getting a floating slushier , heading into the sauna and under the waterfall to waste a minute taking shots. But if there is one place you need to go it’s this , one of the 25 wonder of the world!                                Side note- if you can get your hands on some of their beauty products, eternal youth is yours. as in their words  “it offers an oasis of calm, relaxation, and healing.”

Nearing the end of my stay I went to the Vik’s (the southernmost village that faces the open Atlantic Ocean) that is home to the iconic and volcanic black-sand beach. This also has some jaw-dropping cliff formations that present the best homes for puffins! and for you to be able too clamber up to see out to the wide ocean.

It’s also fair to say that I went waterfall hunting on my trip and managed to walk behind one to see the glistening wall of hundreds of gallons of falling per second. Even if it is bloody old even when I got way too close to the edge of one of them.

Hope you enjoyed this post guys and once again took the time to listen to my ranting about one place or another. But seriously this trip has shaped me the most in my teenage years and many of those experiences and feelings I experienced here remain with me to this day. As I honestly believe that traveling is so important to understanding different people and understanding our world better. Check out my other travel post about Rome

xXx STTS xXx

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