January: Candle favourites

Hey Peeps! Are you all well? This post has been sitting in my drafts box for a very long time trust dsc00344me! In order to have enough content to share with you , to help you in the hunt for that perfect candle to add a little glow to your life. And as I sit here on a rainy Sunday afternoon know at least one of these favourites are flickering away, helping to lift the England rainy days blues.

The first is the wonderful Laura Ashley – bird scented candle


This has been sitting on my dresser for a long time as this little beauty, has the prettiest aroma of the list. This contains ‘citrus notes of lemon and bergamot combined with green tea and rose’ and is the perfect one to light when doing your make up and makes you feel like a fragrant princess in the process. It also comes with this gorgeous ceramic lid which has a bird carved into it and it just adds to the luxury of it when you’re not using it. it promises to burn for 40 hours but with the silver wreath packaging that circles it , I’m gonna keep it for a lot longer than that. The only thing that did slightly confuse me is why it literally says ‘bird scented’ because I don’t know about you but I have never seen a pigeon in London and thought “you know I need to sniff that” but it made me giggle when I received it so why not eh? DSC00018.JPG

The second is the Stoneglow – Cinnamon and orange candle

This one  I mentioned in my post about how to help insomnia and even though the scent it has is classic Christmas , I’m still lighting it as it smells so god damn good! It says its” zesty oranges and heart-warming spices of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove, sit on a bed of sweet patchouli vanilla and musk”. This little beauty lives on my bedside table and this little mini candle I put inside my candle holder(pictured) and it looks ten times sexier in this speckled design.

Next up is the totally adorable Tea cup candle

Not sure where this one came from, but I adore this cosy looking , creative, unique candle as it really adds to the look of the comfy living room and makes everyone who comes to afternoon tea green with envy. You could probably make this out of an old tea-cup and saucer if you’re thinking of throwing one away but to by one there are loads of smaller shops and market out there where I’m sure you can get something similar. This particular one was unscented which my mum particularly adored.

Tis time for the Baylis & Harding -midnight fig & pomegranate luxury fragranced candle

Now this one is a lot more potent shall we say, then the other candles that are lighter but I light it as the maroon/purple packaging make me feel sexy and really switch on the atmosphere when it comes to funky times (I promise never to use that phrase again). This one I’ve found is more to put around that perfect bubble bath in shorter bursts rather than a long evening burn.

Finally,  the last one is the Anthropologie -Voluspa macaron candle

This is also an old favourite of mine as I mentioned it in my How to help insomnia post, but I thought I would put it in today as the best thing about this candle for me in the friggin’ beautiful tin packaging. It really is an elegant as the perfect macarons that are hand crafted in Paris, that this candle is based on. Even the scrumptious smell with its coconut and vanilla scent is as good as the Paris treats. Furthermore, you may or may not know that I simple adore the Anthropologie store and highly recommend heading that way next time you spy one!


Hope this post helped you find the perfect little treat to give as a gift or to simply spice up your home and please let me know your thoughts down below in the comments and please check out the rest of my blog too! See you all soon

xXx STTS xXx

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