Rome- The eternal city (Italy 2016)

Rome! A place that holds mystery, heat, rich history and excitement. I was lucky enough to get to explore this beauty  city over the course of 5 days back in the dreamy Easter holidays of 2016. Now this is going to be hard to sum up how grateful I am that this trip has added some beautiful memories to my life and has flared my passion for travel and discovery beyond belief. I’ll be summing up what I did in this post and the wonderful things I saw, while this isn’t a history lesson so please don’t hate if I get a few facts wrong.

One of the first things I did when arriving was going on a four-hour walking tour in the scorching heat! Now this was a real commitment but the history that I learnt this day tied in with all the classic ruins that were dotted throughout the tour is probably the most dscn1166efficient way I have found in order to get a real feel for the culture and the people since the moment I get there. This way my Italian tour guide (His name was Fabio!) was able to highlight the prominent worldwide known attractions e.g. The coliseum and the secret ones that can be overlooked.

Now this building was the central area I was stationed around in my visit and, if I remember right, is the memorial to a dead prince/ king of Italy. But what I loved is the sheer size of it (and it’s bloody huge ) as it’s totally a sum up of the gorgeous architecture that is dotted around this paved city. Even if this  particular one is where the security proper blow their whistle at you if you sit on the steps.

Next we walked around and saw this beautiful place: that I also had a peak round inside, and I also saw these as I was exploring the city as well. I really understand why they call it the eternal city as the history as the culture is ever-present and the buildings and ruins echo the past years into the present , making tourists like me marvel at their skill.

I’m seriously considering buying a mope-head now. Everyone had one! and it looked so bloody cool.

Now speaking of ruins we went directly opposite the coliseum in where the proper roman ruins are protected and maintained and these are just a tiny fraction of the beautiful heritage that has fed this culture for thousands of years. This was the place where I spent a whole afternoon taking my time going round and really experiencing and taking away the most I could.

a3a2a1Now here’s the one you’ve all been waiting for! The coliseum! And this did not disappoint! if you have ever wanted to see this wonder of the world then do, it’s great, packed full of information and is one of the greatest spectacles of the modern world. Let’s be real , modern glass buildings packed into freshly tarmaced cities are alright, but culture like this is priceless. This really made my day and going inside to have a proper explore was extremely beneficial to my visit.

a6Also saw this , which is for those of you that don’t know, is where the James Bond film ‘Spectre’ was filmed..

And finally to top off my amazing time I paid a visit to Vatican City. Which technically is a different country so I may do another post about that.. but that was beautiful. I saw the cysteine chapel and I believe, went inside the largest church in the world.

This trip was one of the most wonderful , life building, unforgettable experiences of my life. Also the gelato was superb. I hope you enjoyed this post guys, sorry it was basically a rant about my passions but I hope you enjoyed none the less. I’m hoping to share more experiences that I’ve had with you about my travels, if you want. Please show some love if you liked this post, and check out my social media. And if get the chance go to Rome!

xXx STTS xXx


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