My Breakfast smoothie to kick-start the day

Now to try and stick to my resolutions of being healthier this year #resolution 48. this is my personal recipe for a breakfast smoothie that is totally delicious, nutritious, natural and vegetarian and that gets the day off to a feisty start. Feel free to make this and tweet me pictures (links to my social media can be found on the sidebar)  and comment down below on how you got on making this super simple recipe and if this post was useful.

Ingredients                 (makes one portion)DSC00135.JPG

  1. Mango (frozen) – about 5  medium pieces
  2. Strawberry (frozen) -about 5 medium pieces
  3.  3/4 of a banana -I like a large one *winks*
  4. Orange juice-200-300 ml
  5. Vanilla yogurt -3 tablespoons
  6. (Optional) 1 tbsp. of chai seeds



This bit is the super simple part my lovelies. You put all these thing into your blender/ juicer, or for me my nutri-bullet, and blend for about a minute. For me this gets rid of all the lumps while shaking it from side to side. It is quite  a thick smoothie so in order for it to be more runny add more orange juice to it, but the frozen fruits really makes it cold and refreshing so I would definitely recommend this!

And if you do add the chai seeds (that I highly recommend!) it becomes high in omega 3DSC00366.JPG ,high in fibre and is a great source in protein. The kind I bought was 100% chemical free and basically is the key to a healthier life.

Then just pore into a glass and enjoy!

Also this recipes is totally flexible to you, so adjust the ratios to how you wish but this is the way that I prefer it. Add extras like golden syrup to really tickle your taste buds!

Love to you all and please show your support. If you would like me to  read your blog please leave a link below and I appreciate all your support! Have a great day all of you

xXx STTS xXx



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