77 Things to do in 2017

Hey guys, sorry if this is a little late for the new year but things have been crazy busy with me travelling here and there (which I will be sure to update you on) so this is my first proper post this side of the 1st of January. So this one is my personal list of 77 goals for me to complete in 2017. So have a read for the ones that maybe you want to take up too!

  1. Let someone know I love them
  2. Plan a surprise
  3. Make someone smile with no words
  4. Do something spontaneous
  5. Host an event
  6. Take up something new (Have to try it at least five times)
  7. Do something different everyday
  8. Try a different food once a week
  9. Do a workout routine everyday
  10. Do meditation at least once a month
  11. Go for a run once a week
  12. Go outside every week-end
  13. Do a money-raising event for charity
  14. Cook a dinner for someone
  15. Have a New Years kiss
  16. Go to at least three new places
  17. Go to a music festival
  18. Go to a market
  19. Go to a concert
  20. Do at least one blog post per month
  21. Read a new book every month
  22. Try a film at someone else’s recommendation
  23. Go up to London
  24. See a show/performance
  25. Go to a gig
  26. Go to another country
  27. Go somewhere on my own
  28. Do  phone detox for a weekend
  29. Cut down on eating meat/ cook a new vegetarian meal every week
  30. Let my nails grow out
  31. Tell the truth
  32. Make someone cry with joy
  33. Bond with friends
  34. Have a girls sleepover
  35. Have a coffee and a deep chat with friends
  36. Lose 1/2 a stone
  37. Do more exercise for fun
  38. Spend bonding time with my family
  39. Give my pet attention regularly
  40. Comfort someone in need
  41. Try my hardest with everything
  42. Be kind
  43. Be selfless
  44. Be brave
  45. Try yoga
  46. Become more intelligent
  47. Take a long two-hour walk
  48. Eat healthier
  49. Be a vegetarian for a week
  50. Be vegan for a day
  51. Go out with no make up
  52. Be a shoulder to cry on
  53. Laugh everyday
  54. volunteer somewhere
  55. smile every hour
  56. Go swimming more
  57. Go to the beach
  58. Write a letter to some one
  59. appreciate the little things in life
  60. Stop thinking start doing!
  61. Shrink my insecurities
  62. Look after myself
  63. Say “your beautiful” everyday
  64. Get at least 7 hours of sleep every night
  65. Say “YES” more
  66. Be positive
  67. Be proud of the little things
  68. Get up at 8 AM on week-ends
  69. Try super foods
  70. Do a singing performance
  71. Do a drama performance
  72. Go up a belt in Taekwondo
  73. Take a leap of faith
  74. Take a risk
  75. Let someone else determine your fate
  76. Put effort into every action


Hope this post helps you guys in the task of making your 2017 a more exciting and fulfilling time, while also showing you some more about me and my personal goals  in life. I’ll be letting you know how I get on! Stay posted and if you haven’t seen it already read my controversial post on Hatred. Love you all and thanks for the wonderful support!

xXx STTS xXx



12 thoughts on “77 Things to do in 2017

  1. Thank you for dropping by at my blog! I often wrote things I would like to do and they usually happen. Sometimes not all but most. That is the magic of writing them 🙂
    Have a great day ahead 🙂

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