A winters guide to washing (products)

Hello peeps, in the spirit on the run down to Christmas I thought I would share with you my go-to shampoo brands and must-have body washes and what it has done for my hair and body. Hope this one helps you beautiful angels to find those standout gifts which would act perfectly as stocking fillers! Shitttt only a few days away…I need to get wrapping.

Let’s start with Shampoo and conditioner in order to get this one going. For the two types I will be reviewing of shampoo is by my favourite brand *drum roll* …John Frieda. These come in the ‘go blonder’ and ‘red head’ shampoo and conditioners to see if they do as they claim and change my mane of luscious corkscrews for the better and ready for that Christmas day gleam and Christmas Eve mystery.

John Frieda ‘sheer blonde Go blonder’  and ‘radiant red’ shampoo and conditioner sets

This shampoo is a classy yet vibrantly packaged bottle that stole my glance when I as strolling through the isles upon isles on my local Superdrug store. I know that my hair shade is a strawberry blonde but I was too tempted to not pick up this product to see what it would do to my hair in order to make it lighter in preparation for the summer skies. First this shampoo claimed it would “gradually lighten hair” while “renewing its appearance and touch”.  Although I can say that for me this totally brewed up a magic delight. It really did lighten my hair in a perfect summer effect so for any blondes out there! This one is a Must Have!!! But even though I did love having lighter, shinier, salon smelling hair, the best thing this shampoo and conditioner combo did for me was nourishment! And I mean transforming once dried out tips into luscious locks in two to three washes. So this touchable difference they were on about was totally right.  So this one is a great buy and has a rating of fucking fabulous from me, along with a hard to get sign of approval.

The second of these Shampoo and conditioner sets is the John Frieda “radiant red” one that really brought music tinged with beautiful sounding hair care perks to my ears. When I bought this one it was edging into autumn and although I loved my summer style it was time to return to my more deep strawberry blonde roots in order to really get into the leafy sun downs and twilight mornings. Now this one claimed to “hydrate and seal in shine and colour” and oh baby it does. This strawberry jam resembling gel totally coats your hair in red bubbles giving an atmosphere of sexy and mysterious, perfect for the looming Halloween parties. Once again my hair never went in-nurtured as day in day out hydration remained in my sleek style. This brand totally brought me back to my natural self while spicing it up and keeping me smelling like a day-dream. Shine, hydration , protection, you name it! You get it all with this brand. So once again this gets my rating of fucking fabulous.


 Next up is the…

Body shop ‘Indian night jasmine shower gel’ and the ‘Rainforest brilliance and shine shampoo’.

Well lets start with this inappropriately scented shower gel that leaves you smelling of the gentle scent of perfumed jasmine (not very festive but hey-ho), this combination is mighty sexy and also has that Christmas eve party mystery which would make any atmosphere thick with possibilities.  This clear refreshing gel, which is by one of my favourite brands!! is totally something to rave about when it has this totally beautiful smell, hypnotizing packaging and a hydrating, cleansing skin finish. If this wasn’t dsc00233tempting enough, just to set your mind at ease ,it clearly states how it is against animal testing and so is ethically produced which I personally think is a very big thing when considering products as it’s important to think what has happened in the production of the product we are buying and so what methods we are unintentionally supporting. This one is for all types of skin types but for sensitive skin I would always try before you buy!

Secondly is the surprisingly fruity and cocktail like aroma coming from the rainforest Shampoo, and believe me when I say it’s as great for your head as it smells. This one is for the hair types from normal to dry hair and will nurse your locks with ‘praecox oil, came line seed oil and community fair trade olive oil’ all which sounds beautifully nourishing to me. Especially since the fair trade olive oil (that would totally soften your hair beyond belief) is again morally sound and would tempt even the harshest to pick this up to make sure that even the amazing people half way round the world are getting their fair share for growing the base for these products. This one leaves you would incredible shine and match it up with the conditioner to really look the part! And this one has my stamp of approval as it has ‘no silicones, no sulphates, no colorants and no parabens’ while also have the eco-responsible eco-conscious’ label that you should be sure to look out in order to help your earth. So I would say to definitely buy this one as it smells of thee many exotic things that you could find in the depths of the jungle so why not jet off to some faraway land and take this little mate with you?

My last one is a facial wash sure to work the day long makeup off your face for the night of sleep ahead.

The ‘boots essential cucumber facial wash ‘

This one is one of my regulars and this beauty never fails to gently sooth my skin into releasingdsc00234 the makeup its been holding onto for the day while hydrating and cleansing my pores simultaneously. Now this one doesn’t smell of anything that fancy and while it doesn’t scream at me all the ethical values it supports, the value for money and quality it provides  me every time with its ‘enriched soothing cucumber extracts and vitamins’ that just seem perfect for not only my skin type but for all skin types. So if your looking for something cheap and cheerful this is the one to make your skin routine a bit easier.

Thats it from me guys, hope you have aa wonderful christmas and the best times with all your loved ones, i’m wishing you a wonderful christmas! lots of love, and please speread the festive spirit and like and share my blog and follow me on socail media as i have recenlty got instagram and bloglovin’.See you !

xXx STTS xXx





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