Christmas Spa retreat

Hey my angels! It’s time for me to talk to you about possibly the greatest yet most stressful time of the year. So here I’m walking you through what I did when I went to the Spa in order to de-stress in the run up to the big day and also to really get into the festive spirit. if you didn’t know Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year!!

So lets set the scene…

Now ladies, let’s be honest and say that I’m not the type of person that is lucky enough to dash off to the spa whenever the time feels right (surly all the time?) so when I heard about this trip I felt like a very lucky young lady indeed and almost combusted with excitement as soon as the word ‘spa’ was mentioned.

So you can imagine how cool and elegant I was when squirming with joy walking into this mega-posh hotel goggling at all the lights and antique furniture. Even my MOTHER  had to comment (the single best women who was going with me) that I looked as if I was about to piss myself…And Then….

Joking !! Of course I didn’t actually let Niagara falls loose that very second onto their very posh , expensive looking carpet but honestly I felt I could of with how happy I was.   You can imagine how when we went into the very lovely Spa area and offered us a drink I just had to help my excitement by asking for the sugary-est, chocolaty-est drink in the whole bloody place. Yep that’s right, Hot chocolate and me were reunited once more. *tries not to quote Harry Potter* and I proceeded to sip until we were given our robes, towels and slippers and was whisked away further into the relaxation zone. spa1

Now it’s fair to say if I didn’t know enough repetitive relaxing and slightly hippy songs before I ventured in, by the end of the day I was a bloody expert-it was a nice touch though.


Once dressed in our robes and slippers, with my oh so sexy swimwear underneath the first thing on the agenda for me was my facial! And a wonderful women (let’s call her Eve) whisked me away into this dark room with candles and beach-y music where she proceeded to wrestle my pores into submission and make every shard of tension ooze out of me. In this was also a shoulder and neck massage which I highly recommend, seriously it was like she wasn’t even touching my face but more just ,idk, putting fucking fairy dust on me or something. This whole experience just helped some up why I have such a passion for beauty products , when having a talent like Eve is basically art.

Next on my little miracle day the time leading up to our lunch was flittered way going between the sauna, steam room, monsoon shower and the plunge pool, which for those of you that don’t know is basically artic water to jump into in order to close your pores (I know! I had the guts to get that cold! Good for the skin though…)

But then we went to the lovely little restaurant that overlooked the pool and there was our table all set and ready with waters and such when we took our seats. Here I call all fitness fanatics and health food lovers!!! The food was awesome! Me and my companion had for our mains the mango and chicken salad, and the Japanese bento box. Followed by the less healthy  mini-chocolate ice cream and popcorn for mother and  mini-passion fruit coulis and macaroon for me. The single best food of my life.


After lunch was sadly over we did the unforgivable sin and went swimming directly after swimming..Nothing went wrong..this time. We stayed doing lengths with our heads artificially high out of the water for about ten measly lengths then got distracted by the very bubbling hot looking Jacuzzi.

After boiling ourselves out we went for a nice shower and then into the ‘relaxation zone’ spa3in order to chill out and read some high gossip magazines. After a while of flicking through  the thick covers of vogue, I glance at the clock (of course not ticking that wouldn’t be relaxing) and realised it was nearing my time to be coming to an end. So I changed back into my clothes, left my towel and robes, pocketing the slippers. Grabbing a blueberry muffin from their refreshments stand on the way out, make up stands winking me goodbye. Finally leaving the gorgeous Spa, clicking away in my black H and M heels.

This was a amazing day that I won’t forget.

Thank you so much everyone, and I hope you enjoyed reading this post about my run up to Christmas and let me know what you think down in the comments. Please follow my blog and me on social media and share the love! Be happy!

xXx STTS xXx




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