Law breaker? No

Drug addict? No

Danger seeker? No

Rebel? Oh fuck yes

I do not chase stupid chances. I do not put my self at harm.

But I am a rebel. I do not defy laws.

I defy stereotypes. I do what others say I can’t. I smash the glass ceilings built above my head.

Every day of being tip toed around, fluttering’s of fake sympathy land on deaf ears. Cascades of pointless words met by chained actions

Yet I still defy everyone, as I defy society.

Standards? Yes

Pressure? Yes

Expectations? Oh fuck yeah

But I continue as all the transparent walls are anomalously built around me I slowly climb to the top. Till I tower over like a giant. My soul is the same but my Defiance is greater. I defy to live. To seek. To build.

My castle of accomplishments.

Life? Label-less

Live? always

Love? Essentially

To spread word of not being mindlessly beaten down by tradition and standard.

But to rise like the sun , letting each golden river flood others with warm content.


NOT to hurt. To be reckless. Be irresponsible.

To inspire. To live. To love.

Rebel? Oh fuck yes


 xXx STTS xXx

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