‘Just for Redheads’ Make-up review!

Hey darlings, now today I have a question for you. What’s more important? A gorgeous brand with gorgeous products? Or sumptuous products illuminating your face while pondering which products to dive-in for next?

Oh wait. I have both for you today!

The wonderful women from this brand were very kind as to send me a selection of their  specialised makeup products to  try and trail in order for me to give my idiosyncratic,individual opinion and analysis. Come hither, bring a mug of tea and let’s get to the bottom of this groovy bunch.


And we are off!! And coming to the front of the pack issssss… the ‘Mascara Naturelle’. Now all their products contains 100% natural henna and these mascaras have been sent to me in the two wonderful shades. One being a dark strawberry blonde shade with a more reddy undertone and the other being a more light ash brown, which I would  doubtlessly suggest if your looking for something to go with a strawberry blonde  hair colour compared to if you are blessed with a really bright red hair shade. The brush itself is lovely in the classic brush shape and size, but sadly didn’t make me leap with excitement when I personally first opened it (as I prefer a brush to fan out and separate) but if simple and classic is for you then this will go down nicely. This tied in with it’s chic and badass mix of shiny and matte packaging mean that it is a keeper to whip out of any designer handbag. Subsequently,  I felt that the actual mascara concoction didn’t actually leave the brush much. I know this sounds odd but it gave a very fine coating of the mascara, so on the bright side no clumps but also didn’t personally for me deliver the thick look I usually go for, but again for looking natural , it’s as good as it’s name promise.


Now the next delight I pulled out of my little gift package was the ‘hint of peach blush’ and it instantly made me fall in love. The shade of this is a subtle shimmery pinkie- purple and it’s sublime. Popping  of colour is delivered while being totally wearable and not like you have been styled by a clown on a rampage. It also comes with a cute little compact mirror that totally adds to the style of sophistication.  But one thing I do know (prepare for worst pick up ever) is that I feel as juicy as the peach shade on my cheeks.rh12

The third product, which is my unadulterated favourite, is this chic and sophisticated ‘Beach Mineral’ lipstick. Now this is something to get excited about! This is the same sort of shade as the blusher but more matte and simply ties your whole face into this beach and summer tone when used all together. It helps radiant that red, summer glow and bring out the best colour combination for you. As I was trying this from late summer to Autumn it completely fit in with the orange colours being reflected in the environment. P.S Autumn to   cross-over is my favourite season !! But this sexy lipstick does make you feel bikini ready even though its nearing Christmas, so I don’t know what else I could ask for.


To go with this gorgeous lipstick is an equally as gorgeous lip liner /pencil which roughly translates to lip contour? Any who, it’s gorgeous and I’m having so much fun having a dark outer lip then building it up with the beach lipstick in the middle. This lip liner is a lot darker and more purple, compared to the beach lipstick so it’s a bold look but hey ho.


Last but not least is the ‘auburn eyebrow tint’. This black bottle hides many a secret within , but mostly that when you unscrew the cap it releases a very auburn shade indeed. the actual shade personally is too light for my eyebrows, and the brush while being mysteriously similar to the mascara brushes, but slightly thinner and stylised, it did go on very nicely . However I would be lying if I said  totally loved it as the residue left on my eyebrows did tend to need to be blended after the original lot was put on. That and it being the wrong shade, sadly made it slip to the bottom of my makeup bag. So this one I’m judging as arsingly average .rh20rh19

 Thank you again  JUST FOR REDHEADS  for sending me these wonderful products to review and have the opportunity to try. Hope you liked this post ,guys let me know of you did, please follow me on Facebook (seems to be quite a harsh crowd) and twitter to know when I do new posts and please sign up to follow my blog to get notifications of new posts to never miss another! Please share to friends and family if you feel they too would enjoy my cheeky, active view on life. See you soon guys

xXx STTS xXx



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