Insomnia? Time to sleep-tight!

As we all know, sleep is a time of recounting our serenity and surrendering our tensions so we can drift away into the land of dreams, soft pillows and warm  waves of blankets for as many hours as we can muster.

So imagine not having this. It makes emotions a nightmare and stress levels an all time high! and it’s no wonder! Our brains need to recharge , starving our brain of this vital time to regenerate is like trying to go two days in the space of one. Twill make you more exhausted in the long run and make your health, mental ability and skin falter. After several nights of losing sleep—even a loss of just 1–2 hours per night—your ability to function suffers as if you haven’t slept at all for a day or two.

But enough with the heavy.

I’m sure you get that not having you nightly sleep of (hopefully) around 8 hours-ish, means that your causing suffering to your brains ability to function, your emotion control and many other aspects. So in short terms (with out the psycho crap) not having that sleep basically makes you feel like shit and act like a little psycho. And as someone who’s brain likes to royally fuck them over when trying to drift off, I find this is the perfect time for my anxiety to peak and make this oh-so important task about a million times harder. It’s not just me right?

Any who when this does happen these helpful tips, tricks and bits will help fight those erratic insomnia driven nights and blow your mind into the land of rest.

TIP #1          Candles!

Obviously please don’t fall asleep with them on but a little scented air and aroma therapy definitely kicks those muscles into relax mode , ready for the hours of rest ahead. These two are some ones I got in my gift haul and are some ones I really recommend.

The first is the ‘cinnamon and orange ‘ fragranced candle from Stoneglow candles-London, and OMG if Christmas had a freaking scent it would be this!! smells fucking amazing and seriously perfect for going to sleep or to accompany the perfect  bath.

The second is  the ‘MACARON’ voluspa candle from one of my favourite shops ever- Anthropologie, and if you haven’t been go!! It’s amazing just trust me. This smells just like those Paris style Macarons and it looks just as delicious. This packaging brightens any room and makes the place smell fresh and fragranced and ready to entertain anyone!

TIP #2        Lavender oil sleep mist

This is my aroma therapy and I got this from my local health store. and as well as it in7soothing uncontrollably, it also is 100% natural and is suitable for vegans and vegetarians. I prefer it intense and spray two or three squirts onto my pillow but you can just spray around your room for a relaxing and winding-down atmosphere. This is also hydrating which is great for your skin at night! Combine this with a serious night time moisturiser and your set on the path of beautiful skin.

TIP #3         Caffeine/sugar = NO

Come on. Common sense. Do not consume the hour before you sleep. It won’t happen.

TIP#4          About your Screen time/phone …

Dependency on phones… sad times tis now where our world which has got a circumference of 40,075.017 km, is out shined by a screen that is 5 inches wide. Having this light near you before sleep means that the light stimulates your brain and gives the same chemical release as drug addicts when they get high. That’s why it hard to put it down. but fight the urge don’t look at it less than an hour before bed and place it on the other side of the room to charge! I’m sure you can manage to part with it while your not bloody conscious.

TIP #5           ‘pukka’ night time tea

“Let the hush replace the chatter as you fall into restful calm” words that this tea in6company use to assure me that this product is a grantee to end my night time heart pounding and to help replace it with the fluttering of a feather instead of a giant’s foot’s steps. This tea is completely caffeine-free, ethically sourced and organically grown. Now I would personally recommend the ‘dreamy blend of organic oat flower, lavender and limeflower’ as this is a serious herbal heaven! Seriously though , as a last resort this really does dose your brain in those tired vibes to try and get you off into the land of rest and fucked up dreams.

Hope this helped you angles, and helps takes the edge of those brutal nights, and at least tries to persuade your brain into winding down. Of course though, if your insomnia is really awful and you haven’t been to your GP , make sure you do! I want you all to be happy and healthy in order to live those full lives day in and day out.

Love you all, see you soon and comment down below if this helped you and follow and share my blog to see more from me.

xXx STTS xXx




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