TRESemmé ‘luxurious moisture’ hair care collection review!

Sorting through the shit!

Hey my golden autumn leaves, this week for you I thought review a brand I swear by when it comes to luxurious locks and moisture beyond belief. This brand is of course the one and only TRESemmé!
Now this brand may get lost among more salon brands stuffing the shelves these days, and as these are great, this shampoo set for me has never failed to deliver on price as well as results. The hair set I chose to review is the nice and simple ‘luxurious moisture’ and ‘moisture rich’ set, which has polished my waves as well as making me smell professional and feel fucking famous.  
First up to start the set is the…

1.      Luxurious moisture shampoo    £4.99 for 900ml

Now this shampoo is marvellously moisture rich in vitamin e and claims is ‘for dry or dull hair’ and I can say it definitely…

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