Getting pore deep -REN skincare review


Halloooo!!! Hope you are all well my super sexy flamingos. How are you all? let me know down in the comments how you are, or email me.

Now today, I am very excited as a wonderful company got in touch with me a few weeks ago and were kind enough to send me some gorgeous products to test and review that claim to make your skin a new blessed heaven. This company is REN! now, this company is great to start with as their products contain no parabens, sulphates , mineral oil, petrolatum, synthetic fragrance, synthetic colours, T.E.A , D.E.A ,glycol, silicone and pegs – so I would say they definitely fulfilled their promise to be ‘clean’ skin care.

So here is the rest my personal opinion about whether these individual products deliver or not. So without further ado we will start withhhh

  1. This first products guys is the ‘Flash rinse 1 minute facial’ for all skin types. Now this contains vitamin C which is activated during use, which I think is pretty cool and with only taking 1 minute to get gorgeous skin, it’s a bargain! This avocado coloured gel has a smooth a cooling texture with tiny particles within it which feels like caster sugar but I’m sure is supper sciencey micro-balls filled with magic that unblock your pores and make you feel great. it smells of sort of minty aniseed?? I know that’s a really crap description but seriously, the smell is create and really makes you feel as if you have been to a spa for some serious special treatment. The professional aspect of these products really do come out and the end products leaves you with buffed away dry skin and a radiant shine on clear skin that feels completely regenerating. My one little issue with this one guys is that if you have really sensitive skin I don’t thin these will be very gentle and soothing, also as you know my skin it totally temperamental… it won’t clear any spots! and may just aggravate them further, so make sure to do your research guys before risking your delicate skin as it didn’t help mine. However on doing what it promised on being regenerating and giving radiance I am totally happy to call this one BLOODY BRILLIANT on the rating scale.

2. This one was my favourite of the batch as this ‘youth vitality day cream’ provided a great base to start the day  (even before make up) with and provided fucking fantastic moisture in turn, protecting my face from drying out during the long day ahead. This I also felt really helped improve the quality of my skin by tightening it up. I mean I’m sure you ladies ( and gentleman) can relate to the worry of your skin sagging early due to dragging you skin around with make up brushes etc. (always use a sponge in dabbing motions to prevent this) but in order to help counteract this and still get your beautiful  blending quality use this day cream along with a few of the other firming products and you are well on your way to youthful, wrinkle free skin. Also smells kinda weird but clean. Happy to count this one as FUCKING FANTASTIC  and recommend this to all of you guys to use!

3. ‘keep young and beautiful-instant firming beauty shot’ words that brought delight to my eyes and shined a light through to my soul frankly. This particular one doesn’t have much smell to it and that’s good as the rest of these products are very potent in the scent department, and also works as a seriously good firmer. while it’s not moisturising and more…well.. drying of your skin it creates more of an even skin tone, leaving you with a more radiant, and calmer skin tone. could also double up as a nice if you choose to use in the morning. This one I’m gonna give a solid decent label to… Wouldn’t purchase again but great to have when older.

4. Originally, I thought this ‘micro-polish cleanser’  could be a bit of a flop, but I have been proved wrong! This did heathen my skin and really did help minimise my pores, and just takes all the crap out of your skin and leaves it ten times more cleaner than before. This doesn’t moisturise however so be sure to use a moisturiser after this if you’re using this at night as at night (especially if you have the heating on) your skin dries out so much more. This one has more of a sweet smell to it like a mango crossed with an orange so it actually very pleasant to use and leaves you with great results but doesn’t help any acne problems sadly… SO this one I’m gonna call pretty good guys, not life changing but nice to have.

5.’wake wonderful nigh-time facial’ a product I was so excited to be trying! As you can see it claims to do many amazing things to your face as you sleep but the most promenade feature about this product is the itching!! it warned when you first apply it there may be some ‘gentle tingling’ but jeez it felt as if I was having a really bad reaction to it.. it does say its a highly active product and that you should do a patch test behind your ear ( which I did) but applying it all over my face for the first five minutes was very very itchy. So if you ren9have sensitive skin don’t use this or you may do more harm than good. This one smells kinda gross and quite clinical and vitamin-y so consider that before committing to putting it on your face all night long. This product is great for making the clear bits of your skin clear and even but the spotty bits doesn’t really help, but the best feature of it is the anti-wrinkle agents that put many make-up wearers in tears of worry when thinking of the soon approaching wrinkles are no more with this little bottle! I’m gonna say this one is pretty great even though it bloody hurt at first and was slightly better the second time I used it, also read the fine print on this one for the possible side effects e.g. sensitivity to sunlight etc.

Hope you enjoyed this blog guys and thak you so much from the people from REN for sending me these gorgeous products. Let me know down in the comments what you think and please show this some love if you like it. If you want to see more from my skin care collection check out it on my blog.

xXx STTS xXx





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