TRESemmé ‘luxurious moisture’ hair care collection review!

Hey my golden autumn leaves, this week for you I thought review a brand I swear by when it comes to luxurious locks and moisture beyond belief. This brand is of course the one and only TRESemmé!
Now this brand may get lost among more salon brands stuffing the shelves these days, and as these are great, this shampoo set for me has never failed to deliver on price as well as results. The hair set I chose to review is the nice and simple ‘luxurious moisture’ and ‘moisture rich’ set, which has polished my waves as well as making me smell professional and feel fucking famous.  
First up to start the set is the…

1.      Luxurious moisture shampoo    £4.99 for 900ml

Now this shampoo is marvellously moisture rich in vitamin e and claims is ‘for dry or dull hair’ and I can say it definitely pays off in the long run, for your purse and your everyday hairdo. Now there is a reason you end up looking as strong as those women in the TV adverts (without all the editing, Photoshop and bloody dieting)  and this is simply because this shampoo is real salon quality and dosing up your hair with vitamins such as vitamin E gives vibrancy and softness without weighing your hair down. This leaves you with also a fucking amazing touchable finish (something people say but who really knows what that means as why you would want someone with their hands in your roots???). This gives you silky smooth yet style-able hair that smells like a salon in a bottle. tres2


2.      Luxurious moisture conditioner £4.99 for 900ml

This conditioner is the set one that goes with the shampoo and I must say that as a day to day set, this is great -as its light weight yet conditioning beyond belief. This nourishes to the tips and really adds that desired shine that most women would kill for in order to catch those eyes about town. However, it should be noted that if you are looking for a miracle repair job this is not the one to use! This is a more casual conditioner than a nurse at the hair infirmary. This leaves you wonders with gorgeous smelling hair that’s style-able and as they say, beautiful hair means beautiful thoughts…. and all that bullshit. If you ARE looking for that serious breakage repair this next item up is totally for you! tres1


3.      Care and protect ,breakage defence, reconstructing treatment Masque £4.99 for 500ml
This is the product to use if you need that miracle repair! This treatment masque really does coat your hair and revitalizes it in order to fix those split ends and manage to cover over all those cracks you thought were permanent. This uses pro vitamin b5 and should be used on ‘weak hair prone to breakage’ and as it’s what the experts swear by I’m gonna go with it as, let’s be honest, I don’t have a bloody clue (no shame here). This gives you a noticeable difference and as this is only 3-5 mins of your time, this is more than worth each priceless second. We all know how special our minutes are in this life time, a few seconds can change everything. So spend them the best way possible guys. This also keeps your hair totally style-able and smooth while of course smelling dam fine guys.


Hoped this helped you guys in your quest to also sort through the shit and not so shit products to use on each of your individual, utterly beautiful and unique bodies. So I’m declaring this one totally non-shit, fucking fantastic and bloody brilliant. To see more of my shampoo reviews click here.
Hope this one helps you out guys and please show it loads of love if you wanna see more of my stuff please look at the rest of my blog. Please share on social media, and subscribe by email to get notifications of my new posts. All the links are below
Thanks again guys, speak soon
xXx STTS xXx















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