Super Simple Halloween Soup

Hi peeps! Now something you may not know about little old me is that I seriously get in the holidays and other festive times of the year, so of course when Halloween comes around I totally love getting into the spring of things. So without further ado, this post is to spook your cuisine up and is the perfect thing to make when you have that Halloween gathering or generally to get yourself and family and friends into the swing of Autumn and also make their stomachs also have a smile too.



·         1   butternut squash

·         1  onion

·         1  peeled potato

·         1 tbsp of salted butter

·         1  tbsp of olive oil

·         Salt and pepper (to season)

·         4  chopped carrots

·         1 and ½ litres of vegetable stock



1.     Preheat your oven to 180˚C (Fan) or 200˚C normal. And just pop your fully skinned butternut squash onto the middle tray for 40 minutes in order to roast.

2.    When this is done take the squash out and proceed to cut it in half and then to scoop out the seeds in the middle. Throw these away or into your compost bin if you are a good human and turn your oven off as you won’t need it again.

3.    When this is done chop up the remaining squash left once you have removed the skin.

4.    Meanwhile in a pan sweat the chopped onion, the chunked peeled potato in the knob of butter, oil and salt and pepper. Then add the set aside chopped roasted butternut squash. Then add the chopped and peeled carrots.

5.    Cook these over a low heat till soft

6.    Then add the stock and bring to the boil.

7.    Simmer this for 25 minutes.

8.    Then blend/ puree this with a hand/ stick blender till completely smooth. TIP Do not pour hot things into a nutribullet -it’ll form a vacuum and it’s basically then impossible to get  the lid back off unless you ask all of your neighbours to help….*cough*

9.     Then season to taste and also if it is too thick feel free to add more stock.


Hope you enjoy this post guys and please send pictures to me on twitter or Facebook if you make this at home! Have a seriously spooky Halloween and this makes all your autumn dreams come true. Please let me know if you liked this down in the comments and follow me on social media / this blog by email etc. if you want to get latest posts from me all the links are below. For more cooking please visit my baking page

xXx STTS xXx






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