My Face brush Frustration !

Hey guys, so this time I thought I would tell you about my complete and utter flop at these shitty face exfoliators. Seriously guys, these are NOT GOOD, so please don’t grate your sensitive skin away like I did…

1)      Superdrug’s- Pebble’s wooden face brush                       £3.99

Now this face brush I picked up because initially it look good at getting into those pesky pores and buffing away that tierd skin at the end of the day. Furthermore, for sensitive skin like mine, this did have reasonably soft bristles, so I went up the counter with my beauty card in hand not to know that my horrors were only just beginning!


The first problem was when I took it out that evening in order to try it out for the first time, normally I would run this under the tap and then apply my face wash/cleanser/exfoliator onto the brush or onto the back of my hand to then apply to my face (a little like foundation) and then proceed to scrub in circular motions to remove my makeup. First problem was when I was starting to rub it onto my cheeks; I looked in to the mirror and I honestly thought I had sprouted a beard! But sadly no.. Half the bristles had fallen out ad were then left on my face! So now I had itchy bristles all over my face and half a brush left on my hand, and, get this, because they had fallen out as I went along the wood had been grazing my skin leaving me with a less that desirable blotchy red appearance.

Problem two…which many of you will have seen in the picture that even though I had only used this product ONCE a weird kind of well/hole had appeared in the bristles meaning that even if I did want to use it again (which I don’t) I physically couldn’t because it now unbearably scratches your skin and doesn’t actually work as a face brush anymore. Seriously though guys I don’t know if it was me, but it wasn’t like I was pressing hard or anything and only used it for about two minutes. Does anyone know where I went wrong in this (apart from picking it up in the first place)?!fb3

And the third and finally problem is due to its wooden material it remained damp after use, even though I towel-dried it, so I left it to dry naturally, however when I came back it has sprouted a hideous green mould across the head under the bristles. And just to top it off I’m allergic to mould so I also spend the rest of the day itching and generally feeling pissed off. This product went in the fucking bin.  Now guys, I do love super drug and normally they are very reliable, but for this product I just couldn’t of disliked it more. So, in the spirit of this blog, I am officially branding that brush as SHIT. And I (Sorting Through) have found it.


2)      Boot’s- Boots Essentials Fragrance Free Facial Exfoliating Sponge      £1.50


Now this product, while it didn’t spontaneously combust on me is basically a cheese grater pad.  There’s an exfoliator and then there’s basically torturing your face by removing the first 20 layers of your skin. This. Is the latter.

The non-fragranced bit is the best bit about it as it doesn’t put harmful perfumes and chemicals that play havoc with your skins natural oil balance and personally push forward those breakouts. But other than that it really didn’t do anything for me and did more harm than good in this sense. You guys know how much I rave about Boots on here so writing this kinda breaks my heart a bit but this product for me simply didn’t cut it and normally the boots essential brand is so reliable. Although that’s the kind of quality you get if you expect to get a bargain on things for your precious skin. So sadly guys in the space of a week I’ve purchased two face products that I am officially branding SHIT.


Hope you liked this post guys and let me know what you think, hope to see you guys soon.

xXx STTS xXx


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