A bit of me time…


Hey guys, Now my week has been a little stressful as I’m sure you all now the horror of going to print off that essay you spent hours writing and it’s somehow ended up spontaneously combusting in under two hours, but oh well as I like to say despite sounding like a spiritual knob, ‘you can’t have the rainbow without dealing with the rain’. So in that spirit my shit busting tactic for today is to create some moments just for me, to step away from all the stresses and do something in relaxation. This is some of my favourite things to do for me.

1.       Baking

I know big shock and all but I (if you can’t tell from my posts) I do enjoy making many things from the weird to the extreme, but all hopefully bloody delicious and calorific!! And let’s be honest sometimes cramming something sweet and succulent into your face does raise your spirits and help to ease some frustration. Especially helps beating out all that excess emotion. This recipe is to come so stay posted for this diet dessert.


2.       Bathing

Now this may be an obvious one but seriously soaking yourself in a nice hot bath (personally I like it on the burning side of hot) can really help ease the stress out on your bones. Take hours! Watch a film, read a book, but please my friends don’t fall asleep! And I also suggest using bath bombs/ bubbles to also just help make the whole situation more enjoyable. Candles also just help make this particular type of me time more wonderful. We are worth the magicbath

3.       Knitting

Ok I know that this can be a serious NO NO for some people, but I find having something creative to do with my hands is really therapeutic in times when I feel I just need something repetitive and systematic to do. Now admittedly, starting this from scratch when you’re trying to relax is incredibly frustrating so maybe don’t try to master this unless you’re sure it would help you relax in an hour you have to yourself. Alternatively you can always do something else creative, such as painting or sketching etc., but I said knitting as I also donate these to the local children’s charity so that thought also helps me feel good about myself. knitting

4.       Reading

Now this is one I really support, if you want to escape stress and pressure, what better way is to do that then go into a fictional universe?? Seriously though indulging yourself in a good book will do wonders for your creativity and imagination but also just to relax and kick back for a few hours after work. books

5.       Write a diary entry

This one I have been doing for years, but if you find yourself not really feeling comfortable talking out all your feeling, it really helps writing them down. So if you hadn’t considered it why not try keeping a journal for a week so, just reflecting on your day, emotions and actions? It can really help as it gets out bottled up emotions without worrying you about the reaction you may get if you talked it out to someone else. Also seeing your things written out can give some perspective and organisation to problems you may be having. It’s also nice to look back on the things you have done, so Make things happen! And as I always say ‘Join my revolution in making our days fuller to make our lives BIGGER’


6.       Put things on your bucket list! AND TICK THINGS OFF!!

This is essential to keeping your life full of things happening and things you want to do! You want to take up running? Go for it! Want to join that diet class that you were nervous about being judged for attending? Screw what other people think! You feel like your voice should be heard? THEN FUCKING SING! We have won the life lottery by simply being alive, so don’t waste a second doubting things and do what you want, to make you happy! Try new things. I would like to look back on my life at age 80 (hopefully) and say that I didn’t hold back on the living front. And that I at least tried to fulfil my time on this planet. Sorry for the rant guys, but I intend to really live.  Next time you have that little nagging idea in the back of your mind trying to break through the barrier of doubt and problems you are putting in the way of making it happen, just give it a go and see where you end up. bucket-list

7.       Try something new (even if it’s small)

This one may seem insignificant, but seriously shaking up your daily routine doesn’t have to be extreme, in order to help you break boring cycles and just that going -through-the-motions feel. For instance, try sitting in a different chair then you normally would at dinner, use a different washing powder, try a new food, change your parting, change your perfume. Tiny little things like these can be really refreshing when you’re used to doing the same old same old day in and day out. The first steps can be small to a more spontaneous life. pens

8.       Get comfy!

Finally get snuggled up! I’m British and personally sometimes, people underestimated the good a cup of builder’s tea can do in times of need. So get out that onesie, slap on that chick flick you have seen a hundred times and get a hot water bottle near you! Because being cold, un-comfy and thirsty is a shitty combination that’ll send you into the depths of a bad mood any day. comfy

Hope you found this post useful guys and also gave you some insight into my life a bit, so please let me know what you think down in the comments by sharing this and following my blog. See you soon and be happy my lovelies.

xXx STTS xXx


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