Can’t live with-outs (the make-up basics) Part Two-Face base additions

Hola, hope you have been surviving this week, and as for me it’s been a bloody hard one, sooo I’ve decided to unwind by writing this post on some of my favourite things in order to counteract all the shit my boss has been  giving me. So this one is going to be on my must-have powder, eyeliner and eye base. As the year goes on I’m finding round this time more and more birthdays are creeping round the corner so, if you’re looking for some play it safe products that your special someone will be sure to love and get there full use out of these are some pretty perfect products to have a glance at.

Now to start us off is……..


1)                  The ‘NYC smooth skin loose face powder’ –Loose face powder                         £2.19

Now this product, while being fucking cheap, is also a life saver if you need a light weight powder to quickly swipe over for your busy day ahead. Now, I seemed to think that America was high in sun for some reason , yet the New York Colour company have put this this shade in ‘Translucent 741A’ and it suits my British skin so I’m a little impressed at getting my skin tone in their range.powder-2  Now this doesn’t have a very high coverage though, so if you want a non-floury light weight powder this is a safe bet but for someone with perhaps more temperamental skin *cough* raises hand *cough* I would say go for a thicker or higher coverage one. This one I prefer to use under a higher coverage powder for me as this one really sets my concealer well for the long day ahead. I have also been blessed with oily skin (oh thank you heritage) so with the spots and shiny T zone I’m soo not making the milkshakes to bring the boys to my yard ..or whatever, but it does mean that I need a long lasting powder to make sure  don’t look like a bloody mirror. Sadly this powder isn’t for me on its own but for setting make up it does the job! Also if you have big pores you want to hide away I’d invest in a pore cream such as Porefessionals by Benefit, great brand instead of relying on this powder. Still if this is for you can buy it at  and if you want to have a look at the benefit cream for pores go to…


2) The Rimmel London‘stay matte’ pressed powder                                                     £3.99

This little beauty I picked up from Superdrug for the very reasonable price for under a fiver! And as a woman with the ridiculous tampon tax I have other necessities to buy! Now I can safely say that this one delivers powderon its promise of ‘Up to 5 hours natural shine control with natural minerals. Helps minimise the appearance of pores’, well if my pores weren’t the size of craters it would anyway.  This one is slightly heavier coverage which I personally look for as I like having that extra layer over my concealer, I also feel this just adds that final finish to my skin and gives a smoothed over effect. As for the shine control I do feel I have to reapply around midday, but as I put on my makeup at around 7 Am it pretty much gets exactly to the 5 hour cut off point. This though you need to be careful ad if I find it’s a fine line between I’ve just head-butted a bag of flour and no powder at all. Now however, I have been buying this powder regularly for about 3 years so I would say the tie tells for itself on this one. If you also wear this one on top of the Rimmel London foundation you may look a bit pale if you’re me but the finish together is a match made in harmony.


Moving swiftly on to eyeliner! This can be a tricky one as that fine yet arty tip is what we women crave in order to get that perfect cat eye to wink away the troubles and lure in the sunny skies of spiritual happiness.


3) Maybelline New York ’master precise liquid eyeliner’                                     £6.99

Now this eyeliner is my favourite felt tip eyeliner this side of 2016, the 0.4mm tip really creates that skilful look on your eyeliner to gets other girls craving! This I got I the shade noir-black and it’s the best easy to use eyeliner if you find it technically tricky sometimes. The thickness is super fine so if you’re looking for something thicker *insert naïve giggle* then go for the Burberry pencil eyeliner listed below.eyeliner-3 And for your money you get a lot for such a thin product. And if you are me it’s nice having thin things to compensate for..well..being the opposite. But hey ho love my curves!! This smudge proof product is totally able of doing the days wear, with a solid, smooth line that doesn’t drag on your skin causing those dreaded wrinkles come early. However this eyeliner is the best felt tip point I’ve bought over two others by Barry M and L’Oréal ad I will be purchasing again for my daily skin routine for some while.


4) Burberry ‘effortless kohl’ pencil eyeliner                                                              £17

This thick eye pencil is ideal for late night partying and nightclubs for when you want those mysterious shadows to blend into your eye-crease and make you the most desirable partner in the house! This sexy stick that I got in the shade ‘poppy black No1’, pretty name or what?! And has served me well it terms of quantity and quality ladies, this deep, thick line highlights gleaming eyes across the dance floor and will not let you down in terms of wear across the entire night and well into the morning too.burberry-eyeliner So if you’re looking for an eyeliner to dance the night away in or just generally what to kick ass in the eye area this is a brand that will not let you down! The applying of the product is smooth and doesn’t drag around that delicate skin and cause those early time wrinkles. But this does smudge in all the right ways, creating that effortlessly sexy goddess look for everyone. This one is a keen favourite for mine but this is more of a high end product so if you want something more affordable check out some other eyeliners for a more fitting one for you. The texture also has a lot more of a crayon texture so make sure you like that, as on a more oily skin this could wreak havoc in the smudging department. If you’re interested in buying check out the link below!!


5) The body shop ‘eye definer’                                 £9

Now this eyeliner, although technically an eyeliner, I use every day in order to change my eye brows from weak and wimpy to fighting and furious! This I got in the shade 03 ‘taupe’ and is a medium brown to either give a natural, softer looking outline to the eye or to those brows in my case. This can be great for a Autumn-y look in order to mix in with those hazel orange colours bouncing round the place in the environment right now, also at this time in the year this will make you look on trend and shows a super smooth transition into the more wintery weather.bodyshop-eyeliner This, as well as being my everyday eyebrow filler, is my favourite for those days where I am going for a more natural look and don’t feel like wearing such a black, harsh colour on my eyes. This has quite a hard pencil so it can tend to drag a bit on yours eye if you have just sharpened it, and my need some rounding down first in order to not be so  harsh and cause your eyes to puff. Furthermore, if you want to find a reliable sharper for your makeup you could use a bog standard back-to-school one, but I prefer my No7 sharpener which holds all the sharpening inside the casing and has two sizes either side, one to fit this eye pencil and a thicker one to fit my Burberry one too. So for me this one for travel is perfect and also doesn’t damage the product you have just spent a bloody fortune on.

Now to finish this post off is finally a little thing that I would seriously suggest you invest in one if you haven’t already as it just makes the day go by a little smoother and easier in the way of makeup. And this one is an EYEBASE, now to some this will be an essential bit of kit before your eyeshadow to secure it in place yet to others it’ll just go over their heads, or think you might not bother to get one? If you think it’s not worth one, this holds your eyeshadow in place all day as well as moisturising your eye and protecting it for drying out.


6) No7’s ‘smoothening and brightening’ Eye base                  £7

Now this final product is worth getting if you haven’t purchased one already as it is as essential to prepping your skin for make-up as a good primer. This makes sure you have a smooth, even base in order to put your eyeshadow on and get the best result you can throughout the day. And as this bit is a part of their ‘Stay perfect’ range and I kinda feel it when I wear products from this range! Anyway, just thought I would rave about this product as its peach pink colour is totally great for natural yet beautiful lids to brighten your eyes and wake you up to get ready for the day. eyebase


Hope you enjoyed this post guys, and please keep giving me love and support you can for my posts if you want to see more.

xXx STTS xXx



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