Body butter reviewing time!

Hellooooo, my sexy friends. This review is on some fancy substance to rub all over your beautiful bodies. Now only the best I’m reviewing for you all today, but on a side note I want to say thank you all for the wonderful support I’ve received since starting my blog. It’s been amazing and I can only hope you all stick with me and support me in this ,admittedly sometimes sinful ,diary of my life.

Anyway…. before I get side-tracked, this post is for those lovers of body butters out there, who enjoy nothing more than to get out of a steamy bath having soaked way all their stress and to then be coated in head to toe in this loving cream. Now can I please say now that beauty products labelled “body butter” are NOT for consumption! So do not eat it or you could get seriously ill! But today I will be reviewing four of my favourite body butters that I have come across In my time. Number one on my list is……

  1. The body shop PAPAYA BODY BUTTER               £13                9/10 rating

This body butter I purchased 4 weeks ago from my local body shop and I must say I have been enjoying it a lot! This body butter, it says, is a  24 hour hydration for dry skin with cold-pressed papaya seed oil from Kenya. I don’t know what it is but if it’s this magical oil from Kenya I need to get to keep feeling this good, that is what I’m gonna do. This 200ml tub is a complete skin transformer that makes my skin sing every time I use it. It’s papayagorgeous scent is sweet and succulent and smells slightly peachy mixed with sun cream. I promise it’s better than it sounds. Sorry I am hilariously shit at describing smells. But anyway, you can always go in the shop and try a tester they have so you can pick one out yourself, but I prefer stronger scents on a whole. This super soft and smooth cream glides over your skin and is so easy to rub in and dries in no time. Leaving you with shiny, nourished legs yet a non-oily finish. And all this while knowing that you’re buying completely Fairtrade so that the workers in Kenya get their bit for making these wonderful products for us. Now as sensitive skin goes, it’s never given me any irritation or reaction but I can’t say for all so make sure to try before you buy with this kind of product! Especially as it literally goes over your WHOLE body. This body butter is the first time I’ve used it (in this trail period) but I’ve had a long-term love affair with the body shop and a range of their products. actually who am I kidding? It’s a full-time relationship now.

Now I would say this body butter is fantastic and from what they claim it pretty much deliverers! So I would have to give this product a reasonable rating of   9/10 overall.

If your interested in getting this product then follow this link, but if you can’t get the Papaya body butter then the mango one is very similar but all are very good.

Now the next one is also a long-term favourite of mine. And it is….*drum roll*

2.  BOTANICS, the power of plants Body butter with honey and grapeseed oil    £ 6.99 and this has a rating of 8/10

Now this range (easily available from boots) is such a worth-your-money brand I’ve had this whopping 450ml tub of body butter for at least a year and half and I’m only half way through! So if you can’t find this one, as it has been a while ….oh where as my youth gone? Pick up one of the other butters from this range! Now this butter is very thick and I love having this rubbed in on my back as it seems to do wonders for that firmer skin. green-butterHowever , ladies, this can be hard as I’m basically repellent to boys and if your like me I can only get this stuff on my back when I basically rugby tackle my mum. And I’m completely unashamed about that 🙂 Now the smell of this one is not sweet but really smells of a spa really and the actual cream itself has the colour of an avocado. And I bloody love avocado as I am basically one in the sense that I also like to think of myself as the good type of fat.

Obviously this is super hydrating but I would suggest wearing shorts after applying as it  takes a while to really soak in and dry as it is so thick. Once again, I’ve never gotten a reaction from this but make sure if your sensitive to test it out and look at the fine print before you buy if you want to see more. I’m giving this a rating of 9/10.

3. Boots extracts Mango body butter         £6.00         rating 6/10

This next one is also from boots , as you can tell I love it in there, and this little pot is a little dream. I got a small 50ml one, as I love to take them with me when I travel off and go on my crazy adventures (I will definitely be sure to share them with you). mango-butterThis has a lovely mouse texture which is light and has a smooth and shiny finish when applied on the body. This butter is a lovely shade and makes one smell very summery and VERY mango-y, so if you’re looking for something more autumn-y then I suggest getting a different scent. Once again this has never irritated my skin and as much as I love to rant about things I love, for some reason I haven’t picked up this particular  butter in a while so I’m not sure why it isn’t quite at the top of my pick list right now. Any who, if you wish to buy this one go t the boots website or go in store. And my final rating is 6/10

4. Sanctuary spa convent garden                         £7.50                        rating   7/10

This last one that I’m reviewing I did, I’m afraid, also bought from Boots.  I promise I will do some other ones in the future, but my local boots is huge and the most convenient place to buy these things.sanctuary-butter So this one has a lovely packaging that really makes it feel like you’re getting  a spa treatment in you own home, and to me that’s the best feeling, that if you don’t want to go out on a raining Sunday afternoon to your local beauty salon you can just stay in and pamper yourself anytime. This one really good if you don’t like perfumed creams, as this one smells just like a plain yet posh hand cream. It’s not too thick and blends into the skin and dries quickly leaving you with soft yet hydration skin. As nice as this cream is , I feel it’s more of the thing I would buy as a gift for my mum or grandma rather than myself again. Maybe this is because of the mature packaging and posh feel, but I feel I could get more out of a different type of body butter. This is great for sensitive skin as it’s non-perfumed texture seems to sooth the fairest of skin, but remember, try before you buy!!! My rating on this one 7/10 for its great finish but I still don’t feel it’s my favourite so maybe this products can be yours instead.

Hope you enjoyed this post guys, please share, like and comment and follow my blog for more of this kind of thing. Please also let me know if you have any requests for products for me to review or a blog post. Thank you for all the support guys.

xXx STTS xXx




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