Toni and Guy shampoo review!

 Hey guys, so after trying this shampoo and conditioner for a trail of two weeks I thought I would share with you my findings in order to make your lives a little bit easier and to find the products which make you smile! please read and hope you enjoy xx 

This shampoo and condition combo I got at boots, however for you guys I found a cheaper alternative at £4 pounds each off amazon for 250ml if you wish to try it out. All you need to do is go on amazon to find that.

Now, I find the shampoo itself is nice but not particularly fragrant but more has a strong scent of sharp apples, so if you like to have that lasting smell of flowers to waft in the face of your enemies when you stroll past ,get something that has a labelled fragrance that floats your boat. Smell wise for the conditioner though, it smells very different! It’s sort of smells quite woody, so if you’re going for the overall tree toni-and-guy-shampoosmell, this one is for you! Now down to the results. The shine I got when using this for two weeks was a good shine I must admit! My hair felt smooth and fluffy in weight and non-knotty. It didn’t however perfectly tame those common stray baby hairs, but that is tough demand which my untameable mass of hair. Although my hair is very happy with the deep cleanse it has had over this trail  period, and rise and repeat is non-existent with this shampoo as it made it feel like it had a new leash of life. The conditioner I felt is good for really naturally moisturised hair, but for ones like mine, that need a LOT more TLC, I feel it didn’t quite cut it. So if you’re looking for a repairing, deep conditioning hair product I would invest in the deep conditioning version of Toni and Guy shampoo and conditioner and see what other conditioning products they have. It did condition my hair but not so much in the roots as I would have liked and to be honest I didn’t see a lot of difference. It was style-able and as it promised left my hair noticeably smooth and sleek.

My total rating is 7/10 for this shampoo and conditioner set.

Thanks for reading this peeps, hope it was useful but feel free to share down in the comments if you completely disagree. Please share this post and give it lots of love,

xXx STTS xXx


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