Can’t live with-outs! (the make-up basics) Part 1- Face Base

Hi! So, how many times have you looked in your purse and you only have that singular, treasured five pound-note left but you desperately need a good concealer for that all important date tonight? Or you go to get your favourite mascara only to find your beloved two year-old has very kindly used it as a crayon to draw you a gorgeous picture all over your newly painted walls? These super reliable products don’t only make you feel like you can be a model every morning , but also give you great value for what you pay. These are my have-to-have products in order to fight the day-to-day stresses and still feel like you can kick-ass the next day, everyday.

To kick us off… the face base. Evening the skin tone in order to then be able to whip out the colour and shadows in just the right sexy places. So in this ‘Can’t live without’ part one I will be covering foundation and concealer.

Foundations/ Bases

This little bottle of wonders may look insignificant but it provides for us that essential base that we have to then build the dimensions of our faces onto, so let’s get it right first time. These are ones I’ve had great experiences with, but I’m not going to hide the issues with them either.

  1. Nº7 – essentially natural foundation     £9.95        (liquid foundation)foundation

This foundation (as pictured) I got in the shade Calico, the fairest shade as I am the palest person alive, and is for all skin types and has a light/medium coverage. This foundation I find is great for my sensitive skin as it light weight and as I am prone to spots and blemishes, this really helps not clog my pores up and make it look like my T-zone has an oily finish. It’s hypoallergenic so even if your skin is way more sensitive than mine it should still be kind to you and on top of this is has built in antioxidant complex with SPF 15 that protects us from the aging effects of the sun, while minimising the appearance of pores. And as I wear my foundation all day long, it really helps that the  enriched formulation with grape seed oil counteracts dryness and helps condition my skin all day long. All this for only £9.95 from my local boots means that this little bottle is well worth the pennies. it has also lasted about 4 months for me which I feel is a reasonably long time for any make up product, and with boots have a point system you can easily get money back on this product. If you are interested in purchasing this you can find it in this link.

2. Rimmel London -Match perfection         £ 7.99             (liquid foundation)foundation 2

Now this foundation, I got at my local Boots and I really liked that the shade 010-light porcelain really suited my skin tone and didn’t make me look like at all orange or as if I had a bad fake tan. This also meant that it didn’t look like a completely separate shade to my neck which really benefited me as I’m not the best at blending my foundation down my neck. This foundation blends really well and quickly when I used either my real-techniques face brush or my real-techniques beauty blender with small circular motions as not to drag my skin around when it’s already sensitive. This foundation is also great for sensitive skin as it has SPF 18 and is light weight, so doesn’t feel to heavy on the skin. However, personally I feel this foundation, if you have dry skin, it doesn’t do a lot to counteract this and so I needed to wear a heavier moisturising night cream if I was wearing this regularly. Also I personally feel that it doesn’t cover blemishes and spots that well , due to its light weight/ coverage, so I find I need to use more layers of foundation on redder areas and concealer in order to help the brightness be even across my face. and this foundation ,being cheaper than the previous it’s great if you have really clear skin.

3.  Garnier- skin naturals BB cream    £ 9.99                    (Liquid face base)foundation 3

This BB cream is a all-in-one miracle skin perfector , so claims to be a moisturiser combining skin care with mineral pigments to even skin tone, illuminate, cover imperfections, with 24Hr hydration and SPF protection. However, It is available in only in two shades, light and medium, so doesn’t really factor in much wiggle room. And even though I got the light shade it looks obviously too orang-y for me, and they do promise it gives you a glow, however the glow I got was oompa-loompa. Although though to be fair it was very moisturising and my skin definitely enjoyed wearing it even if everyone else didn’t. I felt this one was quite heavy and I didn’t need to use a lot at all so lasts a long time but did take a while to blend. To give it a go click the link,


This is my favourite bit! Now, Some people think that dabbing this over your blemishes is only highlighting all the bits you want to hide… Ands it’s true. But it’s fun making them disappear and makes some guys (who don’t dare wear make-up, but seriously some guys eyeshadow blending is ten times better than mine *cough* Tim Minchin *cough*) jealous as we can choose to craft our faces to look different. And this bit makes me feel the most put together in the morning.

  1. Dirty works- bye-bye! Dark circles      £ 4.99 from Sainsbury’s (cream concealer)


This concealer is an open out style packaging that only contains two shades of concealer which claims to colour correct against those treacherous under eye bags and that you only need those two shades to get your perfect tone combination. This is a good idea in theory if you never seem to find the right skin colour match, however if you have particularly dark or particularly fair skin , it can not really cater to your needs. It does state though to contain SOOTHING Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to help MOISTURISE and provide antioxidant protection.(their capitals, not mine… so it must be true). I felt it was slightly heavier in weight under the skin but did give good coverage across the day when set with some setting over the top. It also had a nice finish and wasn’t too obvious to others , as I personally don’t like looking like a clown, which was good so I personally think this concealer is a good price for you money and since its available at your local Sainsbury’s seems quite convenient to get your hands on.

2. Nº7 – Match made cream stick    £  7.50                          (cream concealer)
This concealer I feel, frankly, is worth the money. I bought it in the shade Calico because , as I am sure you have gathered, I have been blessed with Snow White’s bloody skin. This though has a super lightweight feel, great coverage and blends like a dream. It doesn’t pull when you dab/ drag across delicate skin. It has a un-see able finish and looks completely natural against skin, and as I have very temperamental skin, blemish covering is very important for me.  It is available in 17 shades conceale 2offering a wide range for many skin types and lasts up to 16 hours. I personally feel this product is worth the money , and as it comes In this super-elegant white lipstick style case, It looks fit for the classiest of princesses. Also if you have particularly  shiny/oily skin DON’T FRET!  this concealer can still be for you as it has a no-shine finish so doesn’t clog up those pores. If your interested at buying this, you can find it at your local boots or buy it off their website at this link.

3. Collection- lasting perfection 16 hour concealer £ 4.19

This concealer is my all time favourite! It’s lightweight yet the coverage Is fantastic for all hormonal skin when those monthly bastards arrive. The shade I get , fair 01, is great a brightening my face and completely lifting those bed shadows in the mornings to get me ready to fight the day, this little product is my personal trick to looking awake in concealer.jpgthe morning and clearing away all memories of that late night the previous evening. It’s easy to blend with a beauty blender or other sponge or face brush, and doesn’t leave you with oily skin or shiny sheen layer. Also you can see it lasts a long time as I have managed to completely rub off the original label. I personally have never got a reaction from it but doesn’t state it is for sensitive skin so make sure to try before you buy! you can get these from your local boots or Superdrug or online but I personally feel it’s well worth the money and I will continue to buy these for a long time.

Hope you enjoyed this post guys and if you fid it useful please share and give it some love.

xXx STTS xXx


flawless foundation



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