Hello! And Welcome!

Hello everyone! I’m finally here! This blog is something I’ve wanted to start for a while but as I ride the stressful ups and downs of life I have put it off till now. I have been inspired to start this blog in order to sift through the miss leading red herrings in today’s products in order to bring some light onto the good bits of life and leave behind the shit we get slowed down by from day-to-day. So please, join me on this emotional rollercoaster to share life tips and general knowledge to help each other out but also to get rid of those mundane frustrations and ultimately just try to make life a little sweeter.

This blog is a place where I want people to come together and be honest when things don’t meet up to the mark and generally piss us off! This place will be only for great bakes and bits that are wonderful and fun in order to avoid being a confusing place that you can’t trust in a world of hidden shit. No red herrings. If something doesn’t float your bloody boat , Say it! If something makes your life undoubtedly better, this is the place to meet to discuss in order to get the genuinely good stuff up to where it can be noticed and admired! Helping all of us save time and help each other fit more into our days to make our days FULLER in order to make our lives BIGGER! so please, help spread the word and share this blog with your friends and people you know will like this and please let me know what you think of my posts and if they have helped you by clicking the like and share button, but by also writing some helpful, honest comments below.

xXx STTS xXx


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